Double Take: Artists Respond to the Collection

August 23, 2014 - January 18, 2015

Artists have long been inspired by the work of other artists. Thirty of the finest artists in the Kalamazoo area have each selected a work from the KIA's collection that inspires them. Responding to the original artists' unique perspectives on color, form, meaning, and content, these local artists created works in response. Artists' statements will illuminate the visual connections between the works.

The full roster of area artists participating in the exhibition: Chad Bagge, Karen Bondarchuk, Barbara Buysse, Gary Cialdella, Cat Crotchett, David Curl, Michael Dunn, Ken Freed, Caroline Gore, Lad Hanka, Jana Hanka, Ed Harkness, Tom Kendall, Laurel Kuehl, Mary Landi, Denise Lisiecki, Nichole Maury, Ginger Owen, John Running-Johnson, Maria Scott, David Small, David Jay Spyker, Jean Stevens, Mary-Louise Totton, Vicki VanAmeyden, Wendy Vaughan, Jill Waskowsky, Greg Waskowsky, Mary Whalen, and Todd Zimmerman.

John W. and Rosemary K. Brown Family Foundation

The Kalb Family Trust in Memory of Marcia Fisher and Martin Herbert Kalb

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Andy Warhol, General Custer
Andy Warhol, General Custer, 1986, screenprint | Art Auction Fund Purchase, 1992/3.16
Karen Bondarchuk, Seated Bull (tarred and feathered)
Karen Bondarchuk, Seated Bull (tarred and feathered), 2014, tar, charcoal, pastel, 24 carat gold leaf and metal leaf | On loan from the artist
Richard Mayhew, Mohawk Hills
Richard Mayhew, Mohawk Hills, 1974, oil on canvas | Gift of the National Endowment for the Arts and Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Gilmore, 1973/4.79
Tom Kendall, Mohawk Hills
Tom Kendall, Porcelain Vessel, 2014, porcelain | On loan from the artist
Louis Comfort Tiffany, Moorish Tile
Louis Comfort Tiffany, Mosaic Sample: Moorish Design, ca. 1905, Favrile glass and plaster | Gift of John Loring, 2007.15
Wendy Vaughan, The Illuminated One
Wendy Vaughan, The Illuminated One, 2014, oil on Masonite | On loan from the artist

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