Tiffany Jewels

May 31 - August 24, 2014

After developing his famed Favrile glass, Louis Comfort Tiffany served as the lead jewelry designer for his father's company, Tiffany & Co., beginning in 1902. At the height of the Art Nouveau period in Europe and America, his elegant jewelry designs were informed by a love of nature and exotic Middle Eastern cultures. Fueled by the exposure they received in several international expositions, Tiffany's jewelry designs became popular around the world. Kalamazoo is the exclusive venue for the exhibition, which was organized by the KIA.

Tiffany & Co. Archives  
Toledo Museum of Art  
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts  
Mr. Richard H. Driehaus  
Mr. Neil Lane  


Miller Johnson

The Tyler Little Family Foundation

The Hugh And Constance Mehaffie Family Foundation

Jon Stryker

The Wattles Family Foundation

Louis Comfort Tiffany, Necklace
Necklace, ca. 1909
Louis Comfort Tiffany
platinum, 18K gold, opals, Montana sapphires and transparent enamel
Collection of Neil Lane
Louis Comfort Tiffany, Necklace
Tiffany, Beryl Necklace
Louis Comfort Tiffany, Beetle Brooch
Louis Comfort Tiffany, Brooch

Louis Comfort Tiffany, Wreath Brooch
Louis Comfort Tiffany, Enameled Cup

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