Opening Spring 2020

Soeki Irod
Cultural Encounters
Art of the Asian Diasporas in Latin America and the Caribbean

Opening October 23, 2020

On display in the main level galleries, this exhibition uses modern and contemporary art to consider how migration from China, Japan, India, and Indonesia influenced cultural exchange and fusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. The artists in this presentation reveal their countries relevance to global art dialogues, while also exploring the multifaceted nature of their identities and cultural heritage. Overall, Cultural Encounters presents a typically underrepresented period in art history, and sheds light on the Asian Diaspora s contributions to Latin American and Caribbean art and culture.

Cultural Encounters: Art of the Asian Diasporas in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1945 "Present was developed and organized for tour by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC, in collaboration with AMA l Art Museum of the Americas at the Organization of American States, Washington, DC.

2019 collection highlight albizu 72
Unveiling American Genius

Opening Late 2020

This reimagining of the KIA permanent collection will illuminate the ingenuity and innovation that arise from all corners of American society. Unveiling American Genius demonstrates our commitment to an increasingly more inclusive and diverse representation of American artists within our holdings. The exhibition will explore key stories that women, African Americans, Latinx and other artists have told about our culture, art, and history.

Within this unique long-term presentation, viewers will see abstract and contemporary works, and reflections on traditional genres of painting, such as landscapes, still-lifes, and portraiture.

2020 looking back asian collection ikura falls miyamoto
Looking Back, Looking Forward: Selections from Our Asian Art Collection

Opening Late 2020

After viewing Unveiling American Genius, continue your exploration of our permanent collection in the Joy Light Gallery for East Asian Art. Featuring works representing the arts of East Asia, and ranging in media and subject matter, this exhibition will reflect another aspect of our collecting focus. Viewers will see how the story of art continues to expand, presents new perspectives, and inspires us to connect with one another.