COMING late 2021 and 2022

Yun-Fei Ji - (June-Sept, 2021)
Raised in China during the Cultural Revolution, Yun-Fei uses historical folktales to speak to the environmental issues and mass migration as a social commentary through his art. The show with new works exposes violence against Asian Americans as he expresses race-based threats and contrasts the cultural revolution in China to the propaganda, misinformation, and fear that the U.S. is experiencing today.

Todd Gray: Crossing the Waters of Space, Time & History - (Sept-Dec, 2021)
This exhibition with new art considers the impacts of colonialism on Black consciousness, as well as the resulting legacy of violence currently dominating contemporary events and headlines. The show addresses American society's inability to confront and reconcile its tragic past. Gray s sculptural and photographic compositions conceal, reveal, and link images of contemporary culture and the environment to express hidden relationships in the legacies of colonialism, inequity, and slavery forced upon the African diaspora.

Ginny Ruffner: Reforestation of the Imagination - (Sept-Jan, 2022)
A unique installation fuses fine glass blowing, technology, and drawing to create a gloriously complex alternative environment using AR technology. Ruffner s barren sculptures blossom in her imagined reality when viewed through hand-held digital overlays. Visitors can manipulate the responsive technology connecting the emotionality of desolation and hopefulness and exploring environmental justice. As one of a few women artists working with AR technology, online conversations will explore her inspirational story of overcoming disability through the tenacity of the human spirit.