Rental Policies

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Building Use Policies and General Rules

First and foremost, facility rental is a benefit of membership, and so becoming a KIA member is a requirement:

  • Individual members at the Sustaining Level ($125 per year) and above.
  • Corporate members at the Supporter Level ($500 per year) and above.
  • Not-for-profit organizations.
  • Such other individuals or groups as the KIA's Executive Director, in the exercise of her discretion, deems consistent with the goals and mission of the KIA.
  • The KIA premises may NOT be used for political fundraisers.

Please note:

  • All events must conclude by midnight.
  • No area of the Museum may be altered to accommodate an event.
  • No Museum exhibitions, collections, and furnishings may be moved.
  • Exhibitions are subject to change without notice.
  • Parts of the lobby and the school commons may be used for display in conjunction with selected exhibitions.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Service of alcoholic beverages is permitted, provided no payment, fee, or other form of remuneration is charged which would give rise to the need for a license from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.
  • If your event requires a license, you are responsible for obtaining the license.
  • A copy of the license must be provided to the Facility Rental Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to the event. Service of alcoholic beverages shall be done in strict compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Bar and keg service must close one half hour prior to the end of the event.
  • Event hosts and attendees may not keep KIA security personnel and/or bartenders from limiting guests' alcohol consumption.


  • A signed Facilities Use Agreement along with a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a reservation and hold your date. All fees must be paid 60 days/30 days in advance of the desired date.
  • A single contact person must be designated to represent the sponsoring individual or organization in all matters.

Rental Requests/Rental Approval

  • The KIA Facility Rental Coordinator is responsible for scheduling, contracting, and coordinating all requested uses.
  • All requests are subject to the approval of the Executive Director. The premises shall be used only for those approved activities.


  • The number of guards is based upon the number of guests and the area of the building being utilized.
  • The guards are present to protect the Art Institute's property and to assist visitors in find their way to the areas contracted under the Facilities Use Agreement.
  • Security personnel reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who is acting in a manner that puts the artwork, the facility, or other guests at risk.

Set up Requirements

  • A final floor plan indicating table and chair placement, food/beverage and other service tables, musicians or DJ site, etc. is to be provided no later than ten (10) days prior to the rental date, unless otherwise arranged with the Facility Rental Coordinator.
  • Changes to this plan after submission will be accommodated if possible and may result in additional cost.
  • Any Audio/Visual presentation must be reviewed for equipment compatibility a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours prior to use. The KIA cannot be liable for equipment malfunction. No item can be placed within 39 inches from any work of art. No work of art can be touched, handled or moved by lessee or its invitees, agents, guests or employees.
  • Custodial assistance exceeding three (3) hours will be billed at $25, payable following the event.


  • Decorations must be fire resistant and may be suspended in the auditorium along the walls using KIA provided special hangers. They must not be attached to any surface of the building.
  • Flower petals and glitter/confetti are prohibited both inside and outside the building.
  • Votive candles and candles with hurricanes are permitted for table tops in the auditorium only. Balloons are not allowed in any room. All decorations must be removed by noon of the following calendar day or risk additional charges.


  • Any signage or other displays, along with the placement of such signage or displays, are subject to the approval of the KIA and must be arranged with the Facility Rental Coordinator.

Food, Drinks, and Pets

  • No food or drink is allowed in the Galleries. Pets are not allowed inside or outside the building.


  • Caterers engaged or employed by the Lessee must be acceptable to the KIA and must provide evidence of insurance in amount and form satisfactory to the KIA.
  • Tables for food or drink are not allowed within four feet of any art work.
  • Caterer or sponsor is responsible for clean up and must leave the food preparation and the loading dock areas in the same condition in which they were found.
  • All rental materials must be removed by noon the following calendar day or risk additional charges.

For more information or clarification of policies, please email the KIA or call 269-349-7775 for clarification.