artgirls group in kalamazoo institute of arts banner

artGirls use art to express their ideas and thoughts in a variety of ways. Photographer and KIA teacher Mary Whalen coordinates the program with the Boys and Girls Club of Kalamazoo Participating Arts Director Katy Lagoni.

artGirls have collaborated with professional artists to learn about creative careers. Author Nancy Klee, clothing and costume designer Elaine Kaufman, jeweler Meghann Tang, sculptor Natalie Lagoni and photographer Mary Whalen all spent time working with artGirls at both the Kalamazoo Boys and Girls Clubs and at the KIA.

artGirls is supported by:
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Boys and Girls Clubs of Kalamazoo
Youth United Way

artgirlsfoursomeartgirls create during takenaga exceriseartgirls during art museum tour