Drawing & Painting



Botanical Illustration in Colored Pencil (935)

Olivia Mendoza, Studio 2
Saturday, April 25
12:30 - 4:30 pm/One-day
$70/Members: $50

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent

This workshop will help develop techniques in realism for creating vibrant depictions of plant life using the colored pencil technique. Composition, color theory, and attention to detail will be stressed. Some materials will be provided. A supply list is available online or in the Art School office.

Experimental Poured Painting Workshop (945)

Hannah Mabie, Studio 2
Saturday, April 18
1-4 pm/One-day
$70/Members: $50

Learn how to create stunning poured paintings by using a variety of non-traditional techniques, including the flip cup method, the streak method, and the flip and drag method. You will take home two vibrant canvases that will liven up any space or make an amazing gift. Class includes paint supplies, tools, one 8" x 10" and one 11" x 14" canvas. Additional canvases and supports will be available for purchase.


Ori-Nui Shibori (583)

Rita Pettys, Studio 2
Saturday & Sunday, April 25 & 26
1 - 5 pm/Two days
$110/Members: $90

Ori-Nui Shibori is a technique of stitching designs into fabric using basting stitches, pulling the stitched taut to create a resist in the pattern drawn and stitched, and then dyeing over the stitches and fabric to show the design. The first class day will look at samples, discuss stitching techniques, work on transferring a pattern onto the scarf, stitching. In the second class, continue to stitch the scarf, pulling threads taut, and dye.


Garden Art-Kiln Fused Glass (410)

Linda Kekic, Studio 6
Sunday, April 26
12 - 5 pm/One day
$95/Members: $75

Explore fused glass while making beautiful, functional art for your garden. In this one-day workshop, you will work with beautiful transparent and opaque glass, frit, confetti and stringer to create two garden glass art projects including a garden stake and sun catcher. Learn to design, cut, grind, and saw glass. Materials packet included. Additional materials available for purchase as needed.

Jewelry & Metals

Intro to Wire Weaving: Beginner Pendants (739)

Alex Menzor, Jewelry Studio
Friday, April 17
5 - 8 pm/One day
$65/Members: $45

All skill levels
Are you new to wire wrapping and looking to graduate up from simple twists? This is the workshop for you! Through demonstration, you will learn to apply simple wire weaving techniques to your pendant making process, as well as the basics of setting stone cabochons. Through practice you will learn to execute these styles with ease. All tools and materials will be provided with additional materials available for purchase!

Tiny Stamped Solder Books (741)

Tracy Bell, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, May 9
10 am - 4 pm/One day
$80/Members: $60

Using leather, rivets, solder, acid free paper, and waxed linen, we will create little books that are a great size for hanging on a necklace. Using unconventional plumbers solder, stamping designs into the hot metal we will create fun metal textured book covers. Learning an old book binding technique we will then stitch the books together. Materials provided with additional available for purchase.

Photography & Digital Media

VA Creating a Visual Narrative in a Single Frame (837)

Guest Artist, Ann George
Computer Lab
Saturday & Sunday, April 25 - 26, 2020
9am - 5 pm / Two days
$195 /Members $175
$50 cancellation fee. No refunds after April 10

Ann George will help you develop the Photoshop skills needed to create mood, expression and meaning into your photographs. This workshop will guide you onto a pathway of magical realism, dreamy landscapes and visual narratives. Using Photoshop, you will take your photographs to another level of mastery and creation. Starting with a selection of images, using layering, masking and blending to construct a narrative into a single image. Ann will walk you through her intuitive process as the class progresses. If you have an idea, you can sketch it out in your mind s eye and accomplish your vision through this workshop. Transform images of one sort into another visualized world. Participants must have a working knowledge of photoshop. Ann's website;
This workshop is subsidized by the Lois and Jim Richmond Workshop Fund.

Encaustics Techniques; Transfers & Painting (827)

Laurie Pruitt, Studio 6
Saturday & Sunday, April 18 - 19
1 - 5 pm/Two days
$195/Members: $175

Learn the basics of working with this ancient process. The encaustic medium will be used in combination with photographs, photo transfers and collage techniques. Learn various techniques for adding color. Through the layering of color with pigment sticks and the encaustic medium you will create a transparency and depth to your imagery. Equipment, paint, medium and brushes will be supplied for the weekend.


Block Printing on Fabric (761)

Lauren Cummings, Print Studio
Sunday, April 26
Noon - 4 pm/One day
$100/Members: $80

Let's take our favorite designs off the wall and put them on something we can use every day. Learn the art of carving stamps for block printing on fabric. Bring in a few photos/drawings with simple shapes and designs that would fit on a 4" x 6" block. A few templates will be provided to choose from if you can't decide. Everyone will take home their unique stamp, practice fabrics, and a freshly printed tea towel/canvas bag.

VA Portrait & Figure Drawing from Life with Charles Miano (960)

Monday - Friday, August 3 -7, 2020,
9:30 am - 4:30 pm, Studio 6
$520/Members: $500
Non-refundable cancellation fee $75, no refund after 7/17

Prerequisite: Drawing experience

In this in-depth, comprehensive, content-rich workshop, Charles Miano will explain and demonstrate his tried and true methods for creating inspired figurative drawings. Strengthen your ability to quickly capture the spirit of the live model, in both figure and portrait work. Many fundamental principles will be demonstrated and practiced, such as learning to capture the design, gesture, proportion, structure, anatomy and form. Expect the course to progressively build from sketching fundamentals to more sophisticated finished drawing. Charles Miano s methods and style will offer you the opportunity to experience refreshing inspiration for your personal artistic exploration. Charles will explain the techniques that enabled the masters to draw with power and purpose. He will break down life drawing into simple, manageable stages that when practiced allow one to create superior works. Each day will be a mixture of demonstrations, group discussions, and personal critiques. Miano is an ARC Associate Living Master. He is the Founder and Director of Southern Atelier Center for fine art in Sarasota, Florida. This workshop is subsidized by the Lois and Jim Richmond Workshop Fund.

Painting, Stenciling and Printing on Cotton Muslin (584)

Rita Pettys, Multipurpose Room
Tuesday, May 5
9:30 am - 4:30 pm/One day
$100/Members: $80

Use textile paints, stencils and gel plates to print, paint and embellish muslin. Create unique textiles to express of some of your favorite abstract or representational motifs - leaves, flowers shapes. Take away up to two yards of stenciled/painted fabric and stencils. No previous experience is necessary. Students should bring cardstock paper, kraft paper or other heavy paper/stationery for creating second or third print from gel and a sack lunch.

Cuttlefish Casting (740)

Jeannette Maxey, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, May 2
9:30 am - 12 pm/One day
$65/Members: $45

Over 5000 years metalsmiths have been using the lowly cuttlefish to cast metal objects. Join us in the jewelry studio to explore this direct technique and create a one-of-a-kind bronze pendant to take home with you. Learn how to carve the soft skeleton of the cuttlefish to make a mold where we will pour bronze to make a pendant for you to finish later. Bronze supplies provided with silver available for purchase.

VA Introduction to Hand Coloring Digital Prints (838)

Guest Artist, Laurie Klein, Studio 6
Saturday & Sunday, May 30-31 2020
9am - 5 pm / Two days
$270 /Members $250
$50 cancellation fee. No refunds after May 15

You've taken a beautiful photograph and want to make it a one of a kind piece of art, but you are intimidated by the thought of picking up a paintbrush or colored pencil and enhancing your image. Hand coloring a black and white photograph is an art form all by itself. It is much simpler and more accessible than you think. Laurie has created a process that is easy and accessible to all age groups and artistic abilities. This hands-on course introduces you to the history, esthetics and technical aspects of hand coloring. Discuss taking photographs that are suited for hand coloring, select your materials, coloring techniques, and preserve your finished work. Students leave with at least 2 finished, fine art pieces along with the knowledge necessary to create on your own. Laurie's website; workshop is subsidized by the Lois and Jim Richmond Workshop Fund.

Polymer Photogravure (828)

Instructor: Dave Jones and Laurie Pruitt, Darkroom/ Print Studio
Saturday and Sunday, May 2 - 3
10 am - 5 pm/Two days
$190/Members: $170

Prerequisite: Alternative Processes or Photoshop
Using a polymer-coated plate and a digital positive, you ll create an intaglio-etched plate for high-quality images approaching those produced using traditional copperplate gravure. This process produces a beautiful photographic gradation of tones. Bring a sack lunch. Contact Dave at or Laurie at

Drypoint Experience (762)

Deborah Mattson, Print Studio
Saturday, April 18,
10 am - 4 pm/One day
$100/Members: $80

Learn the intaglio drypoint technique to engrave your own image on a plastic plate, which you can then use to print a small edition of prints, some greeting cards or both. Learn how to properly incise the plate and how to print on one of our etching presses. Bring a small image (simple drawing or photo, approximately 3" x 3" ) to trace.