Floor Loom Weaving

Learn weaving using four- and eight-shaft floor looms with process and design (beginner), new patterns and techniques (advanced), exploring areas of person interest. Weaving design software is available to learn structure and design principles.


Floor Loom Weaving (580)

Gretchen Huggett, Weaving Studio
Thursdays, April 16 - May 21
1 - 3:30 pm/6 weeks
$170/Members: $150
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Wheel Navigation (582)

Emily Wohlscheid, Weaving Studio
Wednesdays, April 29 - May 20
9:30 am - 12 pm/4 weeks
$125/Members: $105

Prerequisite: Beginning Spinning or Equivalent
It can take years to fully understand how all of the parts of the spinning wheel work. In this class we will review all of the parts and terminology of the spinning wheel with an emphasis on ratios, various tension types, and how treadling speed can affect your spun yarn. Through practice exercises, students will make adjustments to obtain everything from lace to bulky yarn efficiently and effectively. All materials provided.

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Painting, Stenciling and Printing on Cotton Muslin (584)

Rita Pettys, Multipurpose Room
Tuesday, May 5
9:30 am - 4:30 pm/One day
$100/Members: $80

Use textile paints, stencils and gel plates to print, paint and embellish muslin. Create unique textiles to express of some of your favorite abstract or representational motifs - leaves, flowers shapes. Take away up to two yards of stenciled/painted fabric and stencils. No previous experience is necessary. Students should bring cardstock paper, kraft paper or other heavy paper/stationery for creating second or third print from gel and a sack lunch.

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Floor Loom Weaving (581)

Gretchen Huggett, Weaving Studio
Thursdays, April 16 - May 21
6:30 - 9 pm/6 weeks
$170/Members: $150
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Ori-Nui Shibori (583)

Rita Pettys, Studio 2
Saturday & Sunday, April 25 & 26
1 - 5 pm/Two days
$110/Members: $90

Ori-Nui Shibori is a technique of stitching designs into fabric using basting stitches, pulling the stitched taut to create a resist in the pattern drawn and stitched, and then dyeing over the stitches and fabric to show the design. The first class day will look at samples, discuss stitching techniques, work on transferring a pattern onto the scarf, stitching. In the second class, continue to stitch the scarf, pulling threads taut, and dye.

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