1 & 2 Day and Visiting Artist Workshops

November Workshops

Fresh Folds Fun Night: Greeting Card Printmaking (773)

Debbi Kreps, Print Studio
Friday, November 15
6 - 9 pm /One night
$60/Members: $40
Celebrate the season with a night out making monotype cards without a press using a remarkable product called "Gelli Plate." By using a combination of paint, soft rubber rollers, color shapers, and stencils, you'll create unique cards and gift tags perfect for giving to your friends and family.

Intro to Hydraulic Press (715)

Tracy Bell, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, November 16
10 am-4 pm/One day

$95/Members: $75
Learn to manipulate metal with the force of a 20 tons on the hydraulic press in this condensed introductory workshop. Techniques covered will be using pancake dies, puffing, and forming using silhouette die shapes. We will also use the rolling mill to pattern metal for a more interesting surface. Materials provided with additional available for purchase. All materials provided with additional materials available for purchase.

Holiday Wreath Workshop (603)

Sherri Snyder, Multi-Purpose Classroom
Monday, November 25
6 - 8 pm/One Day
$70/Members: $50
Create a beautiful round wreath with a variety of luxurious, mixed evergreens
and a bow that can proudly be displayed throughout the holiday season. Please bring shears or sharp pruners if you can, plus nitrile-type garden gloves.
Out of Stock


VA Portrait & Figure Drawing from Life with Charles Miano (960)

Monday - Friday, August 3 -7, 2020,
9:30 am - 4:30 pm, Studio 6
$520/Members: $500
Non-refundable cancellation fee $75, no refund after 7/17

Prerequisite: Drawing experience

In this in-depth, comprehensive, content-rich workshop, Charles Miano will explain and demonstrate his tried and true methods for creating inspired figurative drawings. Strengthen your ability to quickly capture the spirit of the live model, in both figure and portrait work. Many fundamental principles will be demonstrated and practiced, such as learning to capture the design, gesture, proportion, structure, anatomy and form. Expect the course to progressively build from sketching fundamentals to more sophisticated finished drawing. Charles Miano s methods and style will offer you the opportunity to experience refreshing inspiration for your personal artistic exploration. Charles will explain the techniques that enabled the masters to draw with power and purpose. He will break down life drawing into simple, manageable stages that when practiced allow one to create superior works. Each day will be a mixture of demonstrations, group discussions, and personal critiques. Miano is an ARC Associate Living Master. He is the Founder and Director of Southern Atelier Center for fine art in Sarasota, Florida. charlesmiano.com This workshop is subsidized by the Lois and Jim Richmond Workshop Fund.


VA Design Details for Daily Use (314)

Visiting Artist, Lindsay Oesterritter
Studio 5
Saturday and Sunday, January 25 - 26, 2020
9am - 5pm/2 days

$190/Members: $170
$50 cancellation fee. No refund after January 5.

This hands-on workshop will be focusing on the design details that go into making our daily use pots-cups, mugs, bowls, and pouring pots. We will be working with stoneware, and while a large portion of work will be on the wheel, we will be incorporating hand-building too. Among other things, we will be covering throwing, trimming, rim alterations, spouts, and handles and how process marks can be design elements themselves. Open to all skill levels. Please bring to class your favorite mug, cup, bowl, and a pouring pot from home, a sketchbook and basic pottery tools. This workshop is subsidized by the Jim and Lois Richmond Workshop Fund.


Color Theory for Fiber Artists and Dyers (577)

Rita Petteys, Multipurpose classroom
Saturday and Sunday, February 22 & 23
1 - 5 pm/2 days
$105/Members: $85

Learn about color theory in this hands-on class. Discuss the facets of color including saturation, shade, tint, tone and complement. Work with samples to create different color harmonies with complementary, analogous, triads, tetrads and more. Materials included in the class are pieces of silk and cotton, yarn and fibers with various colors for comparison and contrast. Students should bring color wheels and other color tools that they would like to use.


Bowl and Sun Catcher-Kiln Fused Glass (418)

Linda Kekic, Studio 6
Sunday, March 15
12-5 pm/One Day
$80 /Members: $60

Explore kiln-fused glass art! In this one day workshop, you will make a 5 or 4 x 6 slumped bowl and a window hanging sun catcher using beautiful transparent and opaque glass, frit, confetti and stringer. Learn to cut, grind saw, design and create. All materials and tools included. Additional materials available for purchase as needed.


Pearl Knotting (729)

Kathleen DeVries, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, January 25
10am - 12:30pm/One day
$60/Members: $40

Beginning Jewelry or equivalent experience.
Come learn the art of pearl knotting and make an elegant freshwater pearl bracelet! In this beginner class, students will learn how to properly prep silk before stringing, how to tightly place knots and securely attach a clasp. All materials will be provided with additional materials available for purchase.

Keum-Boo (731)

Lauren Tripp, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, February 22
10am " 3pm/One day
$110, Members: $90

Keum-Boo is an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver. During this workshop students will learn how to practice depletion gilding to prepare the silver for the gold gilding, and how to apply the Keum-boo foil. Students should expect to complete one finished piece. Tools and materials will be supplied. Additional materials will be available for purchase.

PMC " Precious Metal Clay/Fine Silver (733)

Linda Kekic, Jewelry Studio
Saturday & Sunday, March 7-8
10am-3pm Saturday,
12-5pm Sunday/Two Days
$145/Members: $125

Explore Precious Metal Clay and make a variety of beautiful jewelry pieces! PMC is fine silver mixed with an organic binder that is shaped by hand and fired in a kiln or with a torch. In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to create several pieces using both firing techniques. Students will also create molds for making multiples and learn how to set a small stone. All materials provided with additional available for purchase.


Polymer Photogravure (824)

Dave Jones and Laurie Pruitt, Darkroom/Print Studio
Saturday & Sunday, February 15 & 16
10am - 4 pm/ Two days
$165/Members: $145

Prerequisite: Alternative Processes or Photoshop
Using a polymer-coated plate and a digital positive, you'll create an intaglio-etched plate for high-quality images approaching those produced using traditional copperplate gravure. This process is a perfect example of bridging digital technology with a hand-made print. The outcome is a print with beautiful photographic gradation of tones. Contact Dave at senojev@aol.com or Laurie at laurielle@sbcglobal.net.

Encaustics Techniques; Transfers & Painting (832)

Laurie Pruitt, Studio 6
Saturday & Sunday, January 18 - 19
Noon - 5 pm/Two days
$205/Members: $185

Learn the basics of working with this ancient process. The encaustic medium will be used in combination with photographs, photo transfers and collage techniques. Learn various techniques for adding color. Through the layering of color with pigment sticks and the encaustic medium you will create a transparency and depth to your imagery. Equipment, paint, medium and brushes will be supplied for the weekend. Most materials will be provided. Laurie's website; LaFontsee

Encaustics / Open Studio (832b)

Laurie Pruitt, Studio 6
Sundays, February 2 - 23
1 - 4:30 pm /4 weeks
$175/Members: $155

Prerequisite: Encaustic class at the KNAS or experience with encaustics
Perfect afternoon to work on an encaustic project, we'll supply the equipment and encaustic medium. Panels of various sizes will be available for purchase.

VA Creating a Visual Narrative in a Single Frame (837)

Guest Artist, Ann George
Computer Lab
Saturday & Sunday, April 25 - 26, 2020
9am - 5 pm / Two days
$195 /Members $175
$50 cancellation fee. No refunds after April 10

Ann George will help you develop the Photoshop skills needed to create mood, expression and meaning into your photographs. This workshop will guide you onto a pathway of magical realism, dreamy landscapes and visual narratives. Using Photoshop, you will take your photographs to another level of mastery and creation. Starting with a selection of images, using layering, masking and blending to construct a narrative into a single image. Ann will walk you through her intuitive process as the class progresses. If you have an idea, you can sketch it out in your mind s eye and accomplish your vision through this workshop. Transform images of one sort into another visualized world. Participants must have a working knowledge of photoshop. Ann's website; https://www.anngeorgephotography.com/
This workshop is subsidized by the Lois and Jim Richmond Workshop Fund.


Screen Printing Pet Portraits (762)

Caitlyn Pelfresne, Print Studio
Saturday, January 25
Noon - 5 pm
$100/ Members $80

Celebrate your pet with a custom portrait! No experience necessary. Basics will be covered in this make & take workshop. Once you register, we'll email you with instructions to submit a photo of your fur-baby (cell phone photos work fine!) Beginners will learn the basics while advanced printers will learn techniques to start screen printing at home. You'll take home 10 handmade portraits. All materials provided. More images and information available on the instructor's website at www.caitlyngail.com

Block Printing on Fabric (764)

Lauren Cummings, Print Studio
Saturday, February 29, 10 am - 5 pm.
Sunday, March 1, noon- 4 pm/Two days
$120/ Members $100

Take your favorite designs and put them on something you use every day! Learn the art of carving stamps for block printing on fabric. Bring in a few photos/drawings with simple shapes and designs that would fit on a 4" x 6" block. A few templates will also be provided to choose from if you can't decide. Everyone will take home their unique stamp, practice fabrics, and a freshly printed tea towel or canvas bag.

Gyotaku (Fish Printing) (766)

Debbi Kreps, Print Studio
Saturday, March 14
1 pm - 5 pm/One day
$70/Members $50

Gyotaku is the centuries-old printmaking technique used by Japanese fishermen to record the exact details of their trophy fish. Learn how to make your own prints using the Print Studio s collection of cast rubber gyatoku fish. Contemporary artists create prints of three-dimensional objects like shoes and even automobiles use this printmaking method. Have a lot of fun experimenting with this technique, as well as recording your own fish specimens.

VA Intaglio Texture Crash Course (780)

Visiting Artist Workshop with Carrie Lingscheit
Print Studio
Saturday, March 21, 2020, 9 - 5 pm
Sunday, March 22, 2020, noon - 5 pm

$205/Members $185
Perquisite: Etching experience is recommended
From bold, hard-edged graphics to whisper-subtle tonal gradations " no matter your aesthetic or style, intaglio can deliver! This workshop will introduce multiple methods of creating tone and texture using both etching (ferric chloride on copper) and various non-acid techniques and tool usage. Instructional demos will include toner wash, texture transfer, spit bite, and various other aquatint methods using sprays and stencils. Expect to view and discuss many diverse examples of intaglio print work, discuss complex layering of intaglio techniques, and explore inking and printing methods such as a la poupee. Bring along your in-progress plates, or start something new!

Chase Away the Winter Blues (919)

Drawing, Painting or Photographing in the Greenhouse
Denise Lisiecki & Mary Whalen, River Street Flowerland
Saturday, February 22
12:30 - 4 pm/One day
$70/Members: $50

Allay the winter blues by drawing, painting or photographing beautiful plants and flowers in River Street Flowerland's greenhouse. Individual instruction will be provided. Bring materials of your choice to create your beautiful images.

One-Day Watercolor Experience (928)

Denise Lisiecki, Studio 2
Sunday, January 26
12:30 - 4 pm/One day
$65/Members: $45

Enjoy an afternoon learning the basic techniques of colorful watercolor painting. All materials are included. Instructor's website is deniselisiecki.com

Hot Date Night: Ceramics (323)

Tom Richards and Julie Devers, Studios 3 and 5
Friday, Feb. 14, 6:30- 9:30 pm
$75/Members: $55, (per couple)

Bring your special someone and experience working on the potter s wheel. We ll turn up the heat with a Raku firing that will produce a piece to take home. It s the perfect opportunity to have creative time together, while learning something new. Couples can bring their own beverages and snacks.

Out of Stock

Arashi Shibori Dyeing (578)

Rita Petteys, Room 2
Saturday and Sunday, March 21 & 22
1 - 5 pm/2 days
$110/Members: $90

Llearn about the technique of Arashi shibori, which mimics the lines of storm-driven wind and rain. Each student will receive two 14 x 72 size scarves to dye and take home. In addition to arashi shibori, students will learn about acid dyes and some color theory. No previous dye experience is necessary.

Bezel Set Cuff Bracelets (730)

Emily Wohlscheid, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, February 8
10am - 4pm/One day
$105/Members: $85

Beginning Jewelry or equivalent experience.
Cuff bracelets are stylish, timeless, versatile, and easy to size. In this project-based workshop, students will explore various ways of incorporating bezel settings on cuffs made from sheet metal and/or heavy wire. How to prepare a bezel for a curved surface, fabricating and using bezel cups, and other project specific skills will be covered as needed. Silver wire and bezel, some stones, and all base metals provided with additional materials available for purchase.

Wrap Bracelets (732)

Kathleen DeVries, Jewelry Studio
Friday, February 28
6 - 8pm/One day
$50/Members: $30

Learn how to make a trendy bracelet using eye catching fire polished Czech glass beads, leather, and a custom copper button you will make for your clasp. All materials will be provided with additional materials available for purchase.

Powder Coating

Prerequisite: Beginning Jewelry or equivalent experience.
Learn accessible powder-coating techniques that can be achieved at home. In addition to learning about equipment and safety, you will learn how to dip, sift, fill, and mask metal for powder coating. Finishing techniques for post powder coating and powder coating as an alternative to traditional sealing methods will also be covered. All materials provided with additional materials available for purchase.

Powder Coating (734)

Tracy Bell, Jewelry Studio
Friday, March 13
10 am - 4 pm/One day
$85/Members: $65

Powder Coating (735)

Tracy Bell, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, March 21
10 am - 4 pm/One day
$85/Members: $65

Vintage Photo & Embroidery Workshop (833)

Jessica Sundstrom, Multi-Purpose Classroom
Saturday, January 25
1 - 4 pm / One day
$55/Members: $35

Transform an old photograph using needle and thread. You will learn tips for embroidering on photo paper, and the instructor will teach different stitches to embellish your work. Bring your own photo(s), seed beads, sequins, or anything special you may want to use. Needle and thread provided. We will look at examples from contemporary embroidery artists using photographs for inspiration.

Collage / Mixed Media (834)

Errin Ironside, Multi Purpose Classroom
Saturday & Sunday, February 8 - 9
Noon - 4 pm / Two days
$95/Members: $75

Cut and paste with color, shape or text. Create a personal history, make a statement, and explore abstract textures. Using images from old books, magazines, pages out of your sketchbook or photographs can be the starting point. Take them out of their original context and reassemble them into a new visual narrative, with the disparate elements to be combined into a finished work. Various strategies and a variety of mediums will be utilized. Errin's website; http://www.errinironside.com/

Simple Bookmaking (835)

Deb Mattson & Mary Whalen, Print Studio
Sunday, March 15
1 - 5 pm / One day
$75/Members: $55

Join us for an afternoon of folding, cutting and stamping to create unique books. Learn a variety of different folded book forms including a single sheet, accordion and single signature stitched books. Once you've registered you will be emailed instructions to send 3 images to be formatted and printed for the book forms.

VA Introduction to Hand Coloring Digital Prints (838)

Guest Artist, Laurie Klein, Studio 6
Saturday & Sunday, May 30-31 2020
9am - 5 pm / Two days
$270 /Members $250
$50 cancellation fee. No refunds after May 15

You've taken a beautiful photograph and want to make it a one of a kind piece of art, but you are intimidated by the thought of picking up a paintbrush or colored pencil and enhancing your image. Hand coloring a black and white photograph is an art form all by itself. It is much simpler and more accessible than you think. Laurie has created a process that is easy and accessible to all age groups and artistic abilities. This hands-on course introduces you to the history, esthetics and technical aspects of hand coloring. Discuss taking photographs that are suited for hand coloring, select your materials, coloring techniques, and preserve your finished work. Students leave with at least 2 finished, fine art pieces along with the knowledge necessary to create on your own. Laurie's website; https://www.laurieklein.com/This workshop is subsidized by the Lois and Jim Richmond Workshop Fund.

Relief Printmaking and Collage (763)

Lauren Cummings, Print Studio
Saturday, February 1, 10 am - 5 pm.
Sunday, February 2, noon - 4 pm/Two days
$100/Members $80

Collage is the art of assembling different media. Learn to combine relief printing and other collage materials with or without a press. Opportunities to print, draw, cut, glue and play will be encouraged! There will be opportunities to discuss composition and content. Bring papers, sketches, drawing or collaging materials that you might want to incorporate in your piece.

Printing with Fiber-Reactive Dyes (765)

Audrey Mills, Print Studio
Saturday, February 22, 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, February 23, noon - 4 pm/Two days
$120/ Members $100

Learn how to use fiber-reactive dye and ink modifiers to screen print and monoprint onto fabric creating your own yardage for sewing projects or incorporating into your studio practice. Understand how fiber reactive dyes work and how to use them. Make your own ink base. Properly cure and batch your fabric. Experiment with various ways to create resists and matrices for printing. Learn basic safety for handling dyes and other chemicals.

Fresh Folds Fun Night: Greeting Card Printmaking (767)

Debbi Kreps, Print Studio
Friday, February 7
6 - 9 pm/One night
$60/Members: $40

Get ready for Valentine's Day with a night out! Make beautiful monotype cards without a press using a remarkable product called Gelli Plate. Using a combination of paint, soft rubber rollers, color shapers, and stencils, you'll create unique cards perfect for giving to your friends and family.