Gyotaku (Fish Printing) (766)

Debbi Kreps, Print Studio
Saturday, March 14
1 pm - 5 pm/One day
$70/Members $50

Gyotaku is the centuries-old printmaking technique used by Japanese fishermen to record the exact details of their trophy fish. Learn how to make your own prints using the Print Studio s collection of cast rubber gyatoku fish. Contemporary artists create prints of three-dimensional objects like shoes and even automobiles use this printmaking method. Have a lot of fun experimenting with this technique, as well as recording your own fish specimens.

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Simple Bookmaking (835)

Deb Mattson & Mary Whalen, Print Studio
Sunday, March 15
1 - 5 pm / One day
$75/Members: $55

Join us for an afternoon of folding, cutting and stamping to create unique books. Learn a variety of different folded book forms including a single sheet, accordion and single signature stitched books. Once you've registered you will be emailed instructions to send 3 images to be formatted and printed for the book forms.

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