The Photography & Digital Media Department has a traditional black and white darkroom, Mac Computer Lab and photo studio. It is a workspace where you can meet like-minded folks, learn about your camera gear and explore various ways to make photographic imagery. We are bridging digital technology with the tried and true art of the hand made print. We are a place where you can develop your personal vision with a camera.

Lightroom / Bookmaking (830)

Mary Whalen, Computer Lab
Mondays, March 2 - 23
6:30 - 9 pm/4 weeks
$135/Members: $115

Prerequisite: Knowledge of Lightroom
Students should come prepared with a book project in mind. We will create a collection of images to work from, sequencing and editing along the way to complete a book that will be uploaded to Blurb. We will use books from the KIA's library as inspiration.

Creative iPhone Photography (828)

Corinne Satterlee, Computer Lab
Thursdays, March 5-26
1- 3:30 pm/4 weeks
$115/Members: $95

Using the camera phone as your photographic tool, this course will present a guided exploration of the capabilities of this amazing technology. Students will be taught to effectively capture and edit. Photographing assignments and subjects of personal interest while exploring the creative possibilities of the phone as camera. No prior photographic experience is required for this class. Please bring your camera phone fully charged to the first class.

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Simple Bookmaking (835)

Deb Mattson & Mary Whalen, Print Studio
Sunday, March 15
1 - 5 pm / One day
$75/Members: $55

Join us for an afternoon of folding, cutting and stamping to create unique books. Learn a variety of different folded book forms including a single sheet, accordion and single signature stitched books. Once you've registered you will be emailed instructions to send 3 images to be formatted and printed for the book forms.

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