Beginning Fused Glass (416)

Mike Ouding, Studio 6
Thursdays, January 9 - March 26
6:30-9 pm/12weeks
$270/Members: $250

Students will learn how to select, cut and grind glass while designing their unique pieces of art. Projects will include sun catchers, night-lights, and a small slumped bowl.

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Bowl and Sun Catcher-Kiln Fused Glass (418)

Linda Kekic, Studio 6
Sunday, March 15
12-5 pm/One Day
$80 /Members: $60

Explore kiln-fused glass art! In this one day workshop, you will make a 5 or 4 x 6 slumped bowl and a window hanging sun catcher using beautiful transparent and opaque glass, frit, confetti and stringer. Learn to cut, grind saw, design and create. All materials and tools included. Additional materials available for purchase as needed.

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Kiln-Fused Glass (417)

Linda Kekic, Studio 6
Mondays, January 13- February 17
1-4pm/ 6 weeks
$190/Members: $170

Explore kiln fusing with this exciting opportunity for beginning through advanced students. Work with beautiful transparent and opaque glass (including reactive), frit, confetti and stringer, paints, paper and metal inclusions to create glass art. Learn to design, cut, grind and saw glass to create a variety of projects including a slumped bowl, sun catcher, artistic wall hanging, sculpture, dichroic jewelry and more! Material packet included. Additional materials available for purchase as needed.