The Ceramics Department offers one of the best-equipped ceramics studios in Michigan, featuring two electric kilns and a fast-fire gas kiln, as well as 40- and 100-cubic-foot reduction kilns, salt kiln, raku kiln, plus a 500-cubic-foot anagama kilns. Slab rollers, pneumatic and manual extruders are available. There is an extensive glaze inventory, with two rooms devoted to glazes.

Hot Date Night: Ceramics (323)

Tom Richards and Julie Devers, Studios 3 and 5
Friday, Feb. 14, 6:30- 9:30 pm
$75/Members: $55, (per couple)

Bring your special someone and experience working on the potter s wheel. We ll turn up the heat with a Raku firing that will produce a piece to take home. It s the perfect opportunity to have creative time together, while learning something new. Couples can bring their own beverages and snacks.

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