The sculpture studio has equipment for clay, metal welding, and wood sculpture including a sand blaster and plasma cutter. There is a plaster room for mold making and a bronze- casting foundry.

Figure Sculpture (403)

Brent Harris, Studio 1
Thursdays, September 5 - November 14
6:15-9pm/11 weeks
$285/Members: $265
Telling stories through human form and expression.
Using live models students will learn to sculpt full body compositions as well as portrait busts. Modeling techniques will be taught in oil, water based clay and plaster.

Welded Metal Sculpture/Independent Study (405)

Eric Pott, Studio 1
Wednesdays, September 4 - November 20
6:30 " 9 pm/12 weeks
$275/Members: $255
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor is required.
This class is for the self-directed student who wants to expand their skill sets and enhance their abilities in metal sculpture. Students must be familiar with the safe use and operation of the equipment in the studio. Students will provide their own approved material. Problem solving and techniques will be the focus of the class.
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Advanced Mixed Media/Fabrication (402)

Brent Harris, Studio 1
Mondays, September 9 - November 25
10am-12:30 pm/12 weeks
$275/Members: $255
Prerequisite: Beginning welding or instructor approval
Learn to combine different materials such as steel, wood, stone as well as found and cast objects to create successful mixed-media sculptures. Advanced metal fabrication techniques will be taught. Students are encouraged to think creatively. Class discussion and student critiques will help develop new ways of thinking.

Welded Sculpture From Found Objects (404)

Paul Nimz, Studio 1
Tuesdays, September 10 - November 25
6:30 " 9 pm/12 weeks
$275/Members: $255
Students will be introduced to the equipment and processes for manipulating and joining steel for sculptural applications. Learn to cut, bend, weld, and surface to begin realizing our creative visions in steel. Some metals will be supplied; students may need to purchase or collect additional steel. Students should bring leather gloves, wear long pants, close-toed shoes and bring a long sleeve shirt to the first class.

Mixed Media Sculpture (406)

Jose Velarde-Chan
Mondays September 9 - November 25
6:30-9 pm/12 weeks
$275/Members: $255
This class will be an exploration of techniques and new ways to see, use and interpret found objects. The course is designed to give students a variety of art-making experiences. We will draw inspiration from our materials, processes and the contemporary/postmodern world around us.