The Photography & Digital Media Department has a traditional black and white darkroom, Mac Computer Lab and photo studio. It is a workspace where you can meet like-minded folks, learn about your camera gear and explore various ways to make photographic imagery. We are bridging digital technology with the tried and true art of the hand made print. We are a place where you can develop your personal vision with a camera.

Introduction to Photography / How To Use Your Camera Creatively (820)

Amelia Falk Wagner, Multi-Purpose Classroom
Wednesdays, September 4 - November 20
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks
$240/Members: $220
Learn how to use a digital camera more creatively. Basic photographic concepts on exposure control and basic composition are explored through lectures, demonstrations and class assignments. Participants need to provide their own cameras that have user controls for shutter speed and lens opening. Please bring your camera and owner's manual to the first class.

Introduction to Photographic Lighting (822)

Amelia Falk Wagner, Photo Studio
Sundays, September 8 - November 24
2 - 4:30 pm /12 weeks
$250/Members: $230
Prerequisite: A camera capable of manual exposure and familiarity with the camera controls.
The fundamentals of lighting will be covered including; strobes (studio and on-camera flashes), reflectors, soft boxes, gels and more. Learn how to set up and manipulate light for the most effective results. In addition to demos students will be active in setting up the strobes in the studio and other environments.

Intro to Lightroom (825)

Susan Andress, Computer Lab
Mondays, September 9 - October 28
6:30 - 9 pm/8 weeks
$175/Members: $155
Learn to import images from a memory card, camera or folder into the Lightroom catalog, create keywords, ratings and use the basic photo adjustment tools to enhance your images. Leave this class knowing a logical workflow from import into Lightroom to export for the web, email or print.

Logos, Graphics, Make your Mark and Print It! (827)

David Birkam, Computer Lab and Print Studio
Tuesdays, September 10 - October 15
6:30 - 9 pm /6 weeks
$140/Members: $120
Learn the basics of how to design Logos from sketch conception to application through the open source graphics program, Affinity Designer. Personal marks, business logos, or just for fun, the end result can be used in print or digital, from t-shirts to skateboards and is a great starting point for the study of Graphic Design. You ll prepare your final design to be printed with the silk-screen process in the print studio.

Capturing the Glory of Autumn (828)

Susan Andress, Computer Lab
Saturdays, October 5 - 26
Noon - 3:30 pm /4 weeks
$125/Members: $105
Can anyone say the changing seasons, especially the fall colors, are not endlessly fascinating in Michigan? Head out and capture the fall colors as they reach spectacular heights. Expose, tweak and adjust images for the rich tones of the season. Class will meet at the KIA the first week then to designated locations, final week, reviewing and critiquing. Participants should be familiar with their camera and its manual adjustments, a tripod is highly recommended.

Polymer Photogravure (830)

Instructor: Dave Jones and Laurie Pruitt, Darkroom/ Print Studio
Mondays, October 7 - November 25
6 - 9 pm/8 weeks
$230/Members: $210
Prerequisite: Alternative Processes or Photoshop
Using a polymer-coated plate and a digital positive, you ll create an intaglio-etched plate for high-quality images approaching those produced using traditional copperplate gravure. This process produces a beautiful photographic gradation of tones. Contact Dave at or Laurie at

Encaustics Techniques; Transfers & Painting

Learn the basics of working with this ancient process. The encaustic medium will be used in combination with photographs, photo transfers and collage techniques. Learn various techniques for adding color. Through the layering of color with pigment sticks and the encaustic medium you will create a transparency and depth to your imagery. Equipment, paint, medium and brushes will be supplied for the weekend. Most materials will be provided. Laurie's website,

Encaustics Techniques; Transfers & Painting (832)

Laurie Pruitt, Studio 6
Sundays, October 6 - 20
1 - 5 pm /3 weeks
$175/Members: $155

Encaustics Techniques; Transfers & Painting (832b)

Laurie Pruitt, Studio 6
Sundays, November 3 - 17
1 - 5 pm /3 weeks
$175/Members: $155

Next Steps, Seeing Creatively (821)

Mary Whalen, Computer Lab
Mondays, September 16 - November 18
6:30 - 9 pm /10 weeks
$220/Members: $200
Now that you have mastered or at least explored the capabilities of your digital camera, in this next steps class put that knowledge into practice. Through class assignments and discussion continue to improve your technical and creative skills. Look at photographs from the KIA's permanent collection and talk about how they did it; subject, style and print quality. You'll explore printing, editing techniques, various types lighting - natural and light created in the photo studio. All camera types are welcome.

Traditional Black and White Film & Printing (823)

Mary Whalen, Darkroom
Tuesdays, September 10 - November 26
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks
$260/Members: $240
Learn how to develop film and print black & white photographs. Through demonstrations and supervised printing sessions, participants will learn film and print development, how to control print contrast, and special darkroom techniques. This class is a perfect opportunity to print your special black and white negatives from the family archives. Students must provide their own film and paper for the class. Darkroom chemicals and equipment are provided. Open darkroom time is available to students.

Photoshop/Lightroom (826)

Amelia Falk Wagner, Computer Lab
Thursday, September 19 - November 14 (no class on October 31)
6:30 - 9 pm/8 weeks
$175/Members: $155
Lightroom is designed to assist with organizing, editing and outputting large volumes of photographic files in a logical and intuitive way. Partnered with Photoshop is a way to further fine-tune your images. You ll go beyond the basic photo adjustments to the more advanced techniques to enhance your images. Learning to use both programs in combination.

Collage/Mixed Media (829)

Errin Ironside, Multi-Purpose Classroom
Saturday and Sunday, September 28 - 29
Noon - 4 pm/Two-day
$95/Members: $75
Enjoy a weekend of collage! Cut and paste with color, shape or text. Create a personal history, make a statement, and explore abstract textures. Using images from old books, magazines, pages out of your sketchbook or your own photographs can be the starting point. By taking them out of their original context and reassembling them into a new visual narrative, with the disparate elements to be combined into a finished work or series of images. Various strategies and a variety of mediums will be utilized.

Small Sets, Big Photos (831)

Bill Finger, Photo Studio
Saturdays, October 5 - 26
1 - 3:30 pm/4 weeks
$125/Members: $105
You will assemble miniature 3-D objects to be photographed. Playing with scale, camera angles, forced perspective combined with simple lighting techniques to best photograph your small scene. We will discuss construction and the intricacies of model-making in addition we will look at work by various artists and photographers that build and photograph miniatures, to inspire your own small sets. All camera types are welcome. (One session will meet at the Miniature Museum in Richland)

VA Bringing It All Together/Just Do It (921)

Visiting Artist Workshop with Kori Newkirk
Multi-Purpose Classroom
October 18 & 19
9am - 5 pm/Two-days
$120/Members: $100
Employing paint, fiber and photographs, and 'things' participants will create an artwork using "what they have to produce what they want" with guidance from internationally known, multi-media artist Kori Newkirk. Kori's work is represented in the Black Refraction exhibition currently on display at the KIA. All paint will be provided, but participants need to bring photographs and fibrous materials or small objects of any kind.