Drawing Basics

Drawing from observation is a skill that can be learned. Acquire a variety of techniques for sizing-up proportions, showing volume, and depth. Experienced teaching professionals will provide a supportive environment encouraging the student to learn to draw. Bring an 18 x 24 sketch or drawing pad, 6B, 4B, 2B, H or F, 2H and 4H pencils, kneaded and vinyl (plastic) erasers to the first class. Instructor s website: michaelparrstudio.com.

Drawing Basics (900)

Michael Parr
Wednesdays, September 4 - November 20
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks, Studio 4
$235/Members: $215

Drawing Basics (901)

David Yeider
Thursdays, September 5 - November 14
1 - 3:45 pm/11 weeks, Studio 4
$235/Members: $215

Drawing Basics II (902)

David Yeider, Studio 4
Tuesdays, September 10 - November 26
1:15 - 3:45 pm/12 weeks
$235/Members: $215
Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent
Experience expressive communication using fundamental skills to explore visual interpretation with an emphasis on variety and innovation. An array of media will be examined each class session with a variety of subject matter. Study mark making, compositional plotting, planar value, light and shadow analysis, and further investigate the principles and elements of art and design.

Oil Pastel (906)

Mary Kenney, Studio 4
Tuesdays, September 10 " October 15
6:30 - 9 pm/6 weeks
$155/Members: $135
Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing/equivalent
Explore this unusual medium that is not quite oil paint, not quite traditional pastel, and not quite crayon. As you draw from life and reproductions, you'll study color application, blending, and value development, and learn to manipulate oil pastels to produce results that can range from precise to expressive, depending on your individual style. Supply list is online and in the art school office.

Dynamic Figure Drawing (908)

Angela Martin, Studio 4
Thursdays, September 5 - October 31
6:30 - 9 pm/8 weeks
$200/Members: $180
Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing/equivalent
Students will be introduced to understanding of the human form through a variety of gestural poses from 30 seconds to 30minute poses. Emphasis will be on capturing energy, movement and basic anatomical structure of the human form. Dry media will be used including charcoal, graphite and oil stick.

Open Modeling (910)

Tuesdays, September 10 - November 26
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks, Studio 6
$145/Members: $125
Live models will pose for students and professionals. Students must be 18 or have written parental permission.

Sketchbook Workshop (775)

Francisco Ormaza, Print Studio
Saturday, October 5, 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, October 6, noon - 4pm
$100/Members $80
Have you ever bought an expensive sketchbook and found it was the wrong size to fit in your pocket, not the right shape, not big enough, not quite long enough, or just not the right color paper? Learn some simple stitches that hold your ideas together through weather and wear. Print customized covers of your own design and stitch the pages together with the cover. Customize your sketchbook to meet your creative curiosity and push your own visual expeditions.

Beginning and Intermediate Colored Pencil (903)

Karen Matson, Studio 4
Tuesdays, September 10 - November 26
10am-12:30 pm/12 weeks
$235/Members: $215
Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing/equivalent
Learn the basics of using colored pencils or refresh and/or expand their skills through continued practice with the medium. Focus will be using wax-based colored pencils, together with watercolor pencils, pen and ink, and solvents to create several finished works of art. Supply list is available in the art school office or online.

Intermediate and Advanced Colored Pencil (904)

Karen Matson, Studio 2
Thursdays, September 5 - November 14
1 - 3:45 pm/11 weeks
$235/Members: $215
Prerequisite: Beginning Colored Pencil
This course is for the more experienced colored pencil artist who wants to explore more in-depth applications and practices. Emphasis will be on personal self-expression and expanding on your particular style and ideas. Supply list is available in the art school office or online.
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Advanced Colored Pencil (905)

Karen Matson, Studio 4
Wednesdays, September 4 - October 2
1 - 3:30pm/5 weeks
$120/Members: $100
Prerequisite: Intermediate Colored Pencil
As a group, students in this class will select one theme or image (TBD the first week) and each will create a colored pencil drawing/painting using their own means of self-expression. The focus will show how different artists visualize and interpret the same subject using a variety of techniques, personal style, and methods. Enrollment is very limited.

Exploring Creativity (907)

Gayle Reyes, Multi-Purpose Classroom
Thursdays, September 5 - October 10
6:30 - 8:30 pm/6 weeks
$145/Members: $125
Explore the habits, practices and messy minds of highly creative people based on the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology. With insights from the work and life of famous artists, gain a better understanding of the many paradoxes of creativity and learn how to enrich this essential aspect of our lives at home, work or in the studio. Apply this knowledge through art viewing, journal keeping, class discussions & art making collaborations. Be prepared to engage your entire brain to tap into your elusive creative genius!