Orna Ben-Ami: Entire Life in A Package

June 8-August 18, 2019

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Orna Ben-Ami brings attention to the global refugee crisis through her welded iron works in this exhibition, creating highly symbolic pieces that carry universal, local and deeply personal meanings. Ben-Ami has developed of unique process of selecting photographs of people with their belongings, sculpting the belongings in iron and attaching the welded pieces to the enlarged photographs. These mixed media works represent the memories and dreams of displaced individuals. Ben-Ami cuts and welds the iron by hand to soften it and shape into familiar forms that represent the strongholds of identity and physical and emotional weight of their journey. She is one of the few female welders celebrated internationally. After studying gold and silversmith at the Jerusalem Technological Center, she studied sculpture at the Corcoran School of Art and art history at the Tel Aviv University. The exhibition was curated by Associate Curator Katherine Ransbottom.

Learn more about the artist at Orna Ben-Ami.com or watch her in action on YouTube.