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Welded Sculpture from Found Objects (403)

Paul Nimz, Studio 1
Tuesdays, April 9- May14
6:30- 9 pm/ 6 weeks
$170, Members: $150

This class is an introduction to the equipment and processes for manipulating and joining steel for sculptural applications. Learn to cut, bend, weld, and surface to begin to realize creative visions in steel. No prior experience is necessary. Some metals will be supplied; students may need to purchase or collect additional steel. Students should bring leather gloves and a long-sleeved shirt, and wear long pants and close toed shoes.

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Bronze Foundry 1: Preparation and Wax Works (401)

Michael Pixley, Studio 1
Wednesday, April 10- May 15
6:30 "9 p.m./ 6 weeks
$170, Members: $150

Explore the ancient art of bronze casting at the KIA! In the spring portion of this two-part class, students will produce original sculpture directly in wax, or make molds from a clay original in preparation for the lost wax casting process. In summer, students will continue with the metal pouring phase of their project and learn to clean up and finish their bronze piece. This is an excellent class for anyone who has ever been curious about bronze as a medium and wants to push their art to the next level.

Welded Metal Sculpture/ Independent Study (402)

Eric Pott, Studio 1
Thursdays, April 11-May 16
1:00-3:30/ 6 weeks
$170, Members: $150

Prerequisite: Beginning and Intermediate Sculpture
For the self directed student who wants to expand their skill sets and enhance their abilities in metal sculpture. Students must be familiar with the safe use and operation of the equipment in the studio. Students will provide their own approved material. Problem solving and techniques will be the focus of the class. Permission of the instructor is required.