Visiting Artist Workshop: Concrete Jewelry (749)

Michael Nashef, Jewelry Studio
Friday & Saturday, June 14-15
10 am-3 pm/Two days
$195/Members: $175

$50 cancellation fee. No refunds after May 31
In this workshop, students will be introduced to alternative materials in jewelry and small object making. Our main focus will be concrete/cement in conjunction with color dyes to create colorful pieces. We will explore these materials using traditional and advanced mold making techniques. Mold making and problem-solving using 3D printed materials will be implemented and used to help create unique designs. The Jim and Lois Richmond Fund subsidizes all of our visiting artist workshops.

Beginning/Intermediate Jewelry

Learn the basics of handcrafting jewelry. Through demonstrations and discussions you will become familiar with layout, piercing, filing, texturing, basic roller embossing, soldering, forming, finishing and polishing. With practice you will gain knowledge and confidence in jewelry making skills. Independent studio time will be available. All materials will be provided and additional materials are available for purchase.

Emily Wohlscheid (740b)

Jewelry Studio
Tuesdays, June 11- July 30
10 am-12:30 pm/8 weeks
$200/Members: $180

Join the Chain Gang (742)

Tracy Bell, Jewelry Studio
Wednesdays, June 12 - July 31
10 am-12:30 pm/8 weeks
$200/Members: $180

Are you tired of hanging your pendants from the same old manufactured chain? Learn several different links that can be combined or used alone to take your jewelry to a whole new level. Using a variety of tools and techniques, you will create interesting chains to set off a pendant or stand alone as a bracelet. Materials will be provided with additional available for purchase.

Self-Directed Independent Study (744)

Lauren Tripp, Jewelry Studio
Thursdays, June 13 " August 1 (No class July 4)
10 am " 1 pm/7 weeks
$190/Members: $170

Prerequisite: Beginning Jewelry and Beginning/Intermediate jewelry OR equivalent experience
We all have projects sitting on the bench unfinished. Now you have the chance to complete them! Although this course is self-directed, the instructor will be available to help troubleshoot and assist you in finishing those outstanding projects. Students will only be able to work with equipment they are experience using. Additional independent studio time is available. Some materials are provided with additional materials available for purchase.

Mallet Making (746)

Lauren Tripp, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, June 22
10 am " 2 pm/One day
$75/Members: $55

Unfortunately, tool making is becoming a lost skill. In the metalsmithing world, the mallet is the unsung hero of everyday work. During this workshop you will learn how to use a variety of woodworking tools to create your own unique mallet. Materials will be provided. Please bring a sack lunch.

Scrap Metal Mania! (748)

Linda Kekic, Jewelry Studio
Saturday and Sunday, July 20 & 21
10am-3pm, Saturday
12-5 pm, Sunday /Two Days
$135/Members: $115

Do you have a pile of scrap metals " silver, brass and copper " or do you love looking through the scrap bin in the studio? Learn four exciting techniques to creatively use up your scrap " laminating, scrap soldering, granulation, and silver reticulation on copper and brass to create interesting metal sheets. Cut up the sheets and use fabrication techniques to create a variety of jewelry pieces " pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings! All materials provided with additional available for purchase.

Amelia Falk (741)

Jewelry Studio
Tuesdays, June 11- July 30
6:30 pm-9 pm/8 weeks
$200/Members: $180

Casting (743)

Amelia Falk Wagner, Jewelry Studio
Wednesdays, June 12 - July 31
1 - 3:30 pm/8 weeks
$200/Members: $180

Prerequisite: Beginning Jewelry or equivalent/basic finishing skills
Explore the art of casting. An expanded class structure will bring your design process to the next level by exploring the different avenues of casting. We will include the different types of wax and natural substances that you can use in lost wax casting as well explore free form casting techniques. Bronze is provided for casting with sterling silver available for purchase. Independent studio times are available. Basic finishing skills are required for this class.

Introduction to Lapidary Stone Cutting for Cabochons (745)

Dawn Coeur, Jewelry Studio
Thursdays, June 13 " August 1 (No class July 4)
6:15 pm " 9 pm/7 weeks
$190/Members: $170

Learn how to cut your own stones to use in your jewelry and metal work designs. Students will be introduced to cutting, grinding and polishing stone slabs into a variety of shapes including calibrated and free form cabochons. Students with previous lapidary experience can practice and refine their technique. Independent studio time will be available.

Water Casting (747)

Holly Northrup, Jewelry Studio
Sunday, July 14
12- 2 pm/One day
$80/Members: $60

Prerequisite: Beginning Jewelry or equivalent
Water casting is an amazing way to create more abstract solid forms without molds or difficult casting equipment. Learn how to water cast using silver including all equipment needed to get set up at home, each student will cast one to two pieces. After the casts are done we will discuss ways they can be incorporated into your jewelry.