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Visiting Artist Workshop: Concrete Jewelry (749)

Michael Nashef, Jewelry Studio
Friday & Saturday, June 14-15
10 am-3 pm/Two days
$195/Members: $175

$50 cancellation fee. No refunds after May 31
In this workshop, students will be introduced to alternative materials in jewelry and small object making. Our main focus will be concrete/cement in conjunction with color dyes to create colorful pieces. We will explore these materials using traditional and advanced mold making techniques. Mold making and problem-solving using 3D printed materials will be implemented and used to help create unique designs. The Jim and Lois Richmond Fund subsidizes all of our visiting artist workshops.

Keum-Boo (738)

Lauren Tripp, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, April 27
10 am " 3pm/One day
$110/Members: $90

Keum-Boo is an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver. During this workshop students will learn how to practice depletion gilding to prepare the silver for the gold gilding, and how to apply the Keum-boo foil. Students should expect to complete one finished piece. Tools and materials will be supplied. Additional materials will be available for purchase.

Patina Focus: Blues & Blacks (740)

Emily Wohlscheid, Jewelry Studio
Friday, May 10
10 am-1pm/One day
$60/Members: $40

Whether you are looking to create a statement copper backsplash, add color to a metal sculpture, or enhance a jewelry design, patinas can create a dramatic impact. In this sampling workshop, explore various ways of getting blue and black patinas with commercial and household products on copper and brass. Once students have achieved the desired coloration, we will cover how to seal each patina for a long lasting finish. All materials provided.

Unconventional Powder Coating (739)

Holly Northrup, Jewelry Studio
Sunday, April 28
12- 4 pm/One day
$80/Members: $60

Beginning Jewelry or equivalent experience.
Learn powder-coating methods that you can do at home. You will learn how to dip, sift, fill and mask your materials for powder coating. We will review finishing techniques that can be used once the powder coat has been applied. These alternative powder-coating methods will be easy to use at home once you learn them. Materials will be provided with additional materials available for purchase.