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Intro to Support Spindles (582)

Emily Wohlscheid, Weaving Studio
Wednesday, April 24
11am-1pm/One Day
$45/Members: $25

Support spindles require very little space to work with and can be spun on virtually anywhere! This workshop is designed to teach you how to spin on a support spindle, while also familiarizing you with the cultural origin and purpose of various types of support spindles. Students will have to opportunity to try several spindles and will leave with a basic working knowledge of how they spin. All materials provided.

Arashi Shibori Dyeing (584)

Rita Pettys, Multi
Saturday, April 27
9:30-4:30pm/One day
$100/Members: $80

Learn about the techniques of arashi shibori, which mimics the lines of storm-driven wind and rain. Each student will receive two 15 X60 silk scarves to dye instructions, dye and chemicals. In addition to information about Arashi Shibori, students will learn about acid dyes and some color theory. No previous dye experience necessary.

Core Spinning (583)

Emily Wohlscheid, Weaving Studio
Wednesdays, April 17 & 24
6-9pm/Two Weeks
$80/Members: $60

Prerequisite: Beginning Spinning or equivalent experience
Using a core as a base for spinning yarn offers a host of interesting possibilities. This mini class will give us the opportunity to explore the variety of techniques that uses core spun yarn. Learn which cores work best, advantages of core spun yarn, how to create bulk with core spinning, how to spin around wire, and more! All materials are provided.

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