Certificate Program

Ceramic Wheel

The Kirk Newman Art School Certificate Program allows teens and adults to choose a course of study, either general or specialized. The Certificate Program consists of seven courses: four 12-week courses and two 6- or 8-week courses, plus one art-appreciation course. The Certificate Program must be completed in five years. No grades are given, but attendance is taken. Students can enroll in the Certificate Program at any time. The Certificate Program has no additional enrollment fee.

Prearranged studio hours are an option. Students meet contracted goals and display competency and technical knowledge and complete all courses with approval of the department head. A final portfolio review will take place with the Director of the Kirk Newman Art School, department chairs and department head. At the end of the Certificate Program, students will be part of an exhibition. Current students may place out of beginning classes by presenting a portfolio. A course of study will be designed for them that includes advanced and independent study courses. Six courses plus one art-appreciation class are still required.

One or more certificates can be earned in the following areas: painting, drawing, printmaking, weaving, ceramics, photography and sculpture for adults, or painting, drawing, photography and ceramics for teens. A generalized course of study is available for both groups. On completion of the Certificate Program, teens will have a portfolio ready to apply to an art school or university art program.