The Photography & Digital Media Department has a traditional black and white darkroom, Mac Computer Lab and photo studio. It is a workspace where you can meet like-minded folks, learn about your camera gear and explore various ways to make photographic imagery. We are bridging digital technology with the tried and true art of the hand made print. We are a place where you can develop your personal vision with a camera.

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Small Sets, Big Photos (828)

Bill Finger, Photo Studio
Saturdays, April 27 -May11
1:30- 4 pm /3 weeks
$120/Members: $100

Assemble miniature 3-D environments to be photographed. Playing with scale, camera angles and simple lighting techniques to best photograph your small scene. Construction and the intricacies of model-making will be discussed in addition to looking at work by various artists and photographers that build and photograph miniatures, to inspire your own small sets. All camera types are welcome. One session will meet at the Miniature Museum in Richland.

Encaustics Techniques; Transfers & Painting (832)

Laurie Pruitt, Studio 6
Saturday & Sunday, May 4 - 5
Noon - 5 pm/Two Days
$210/Members: $190

Learn the basics of working with this ancient process. The encaustic medium will be used in combination with photographs, photo transfers and collage techniques. Learn various techniques for adding color. Through the layering of color with pigment sticks and the encaustic medium you will create a transparency and depth to your imagery. Equipment, paint, medium and brushes will be supplied for the weekend. Most materials will be provided. Laurie's website,

Macro Photography (825)

Mark Cassino, Multi-Purpose Classroom
Saturday, April 20
9 am - 5 pm/One-day
$95/Members: $75

Explore the world of high magnification macro photography! This workshop will cover the basics of how to photograph tiny subjects at high magnifications. Topics will include techniques for achieving high magnification, managing depth of field, lighting subjects, and focus stacking. Studio techniques for photographing small subjects will be covered including a demo of techniques for snowflake photography. Field techniques for outdoor photography of insects and flowers will also be presented. (Pack a lunch) Visit Mark's blog at

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Collage/Mixed Media (831)

Errin Ironside, Studio 2
Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28
Noon - 4 pm/Two Days
$115/Members: $95

Enjoy a weekend of collage! Cut and paste with color, shape or text. Create a personal history, make a statement and explore abstract textures. Using images from old books, magazines, pages out of your sketchbook or your own photographs can be the starting point. By taking these materials out of their original context and reassemble them into a new visual narrative, with the disparate elements to be combined into a finished work or series of images. Various strategies and a variety of mediums will be utilized.