The Photography & Digital Media Department has a traditional black and white darkroom, Mac Computer Lab and photo studio. It is a workspace where you can meet like-minded folks, learn about your camera gear and explore various ways to make photographic imagery. We are bridging digital technology with the tried and true art of the hand made print. We are a place where you can develop your personal vision with a camera.


Inkjet Printing in an Alternate Universe (833)

VA Printing with Translucent Vellum, Precious Metals, Gesso and More!
Visiting Artist, Dan Burkholder
Saturday, Sunday, June 29-30
9 am - 4 pm
$425/ Members: $405
$50 cancellation fee. No refund after June 14.

In this workshop you"ll dive headfirst into the magical world of translucent paper, hand-applied gold leaf, palladium leaf, silver leaf, gesso and more - all combined with archival inkjet printing. Learn how to create prints with the look, feel and intrigue of handmade prints without the expense and hassle of a wet darkroom. Combine the best of archival inkjet printing with the charm of the handmade print! This workshop lets you bask in the hand-applied world of voluptuous paper, magical precious metals, mica powders, archival varnish and opaque gesso to create lasting works of art.

  • Explore the beauty and intrigue of archival, translucent vellum.
  • Discover tantalizing ways to blend gold, palladium, silver and other metals.
  • Experience the joy of hand-applied gesso, making your highlights glow.
  • Brushing, grinding, and rubbing will become your new go-to skills.
  • Grasp easy but powerful Photoshop skills to fine-tune your gilding-bound images.
  • Learn how to identify image problems before you hit Print. Dan's "diagnose and treat" approach will save you time, paper and disappointment as you learn how to make prints you'll be proud to display, share and sell.

All of the skills learned in this workshop can be applied to the classic darkroom for those wishing to print on vellum with platinum/palladium, cyanotype, etc. Dan's website;

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Chase Away the Winter Blues (926)

Drawing, Painting or Photographing in the Greenhouse
Denise Lisiecki & Mary Whalen
River Street Flowerland
Saturday, February 23
12:30 - 4 pm/One day
$65/Members: $45

Get rid of the winter blues by drawing,
painting or photographing beautiful plants
and flowers in River Street Flowerland s
greenhouse. Individual instruction will be
provided. Bring materials of your choice to
create your beautiful images.

Encaustics / Open Studio (832b)

Laurie Pruitt & Mary Whalen, Studio 6
Sundays, March 3 - 24
1 - 4:30 pm /4 weeks
$195/Members: $175

Prerequisite: Encaustic class or experience with

Perfect afternoon to work on an encaustic
project, we'll supply the equipment and
encaustic medium. Panels of various sizes
will be available for purchase.

Out of Stock

Introduction to Photography / How To Use Your Camera Creatively (820)

TBA, Multi-Purpose Classroom
Wednesdays, April 10 " May 15
6:30 " 9 pm/6 weeks
$120/Members: $100

This class is for students who want to learn how to use their digital cameras more creatively. Basic photographic concepts on exposure control and basic composition are explored through lectures, demonstrations and class assignments. Participants need to provide their own cameras that have user controls for shutter speed and lens opening. Please bring your camera and owner's manual to the first class.

Traditional Black and White Film & Printing (822)

Mary Whalen, Darkroom
Tuesdays, April 9 - May 14
6:30 - 9 pm/6 weeks
$160/Members: $140

Learn how to develop film and print black & white photographs. Through demonstrations and supervised printing sessions, participants will learn film and print development, how to control print contrast, and special darkroom techniques. This class is a perfect opportunity to print your special black and white negatives from the family archives. Students must provide their own film and paper for the class. Darkroom chemicals and equipment are provided. Open darkroom time is available to students.

Advanced Alternative, Gum Bi-Chromate (824)

Dave Jones, Computer Lab & Darkroom
Thursdays, April 11 - May 16
6 - 9 pm/6 weeks
$160/Members: $140

Prerequisite: A basic knowledge of Photoshop.
Combine Gum Bi-chromate a 19th century color printing process with 21st century digital negatives. Students will be taught the fundamentals of Photoshop to modify their digital images. Film negatives or digital files can be used. The digital negatives can be used for most alternative printing processes, blending digital technology with historic photographic processes. Contact Dave Jones at with any questions.

Intro to Lightroom (826)

Susan Andress, Computer Lab
Tuesdays, April 9 " May 14
6:30 " 9 pm/6 weeks
$170/Members: $150

You will learn to import images from a memory card, camera or folder into the Lightroom catalog; create keywords, ratings and use the basic photo adjustment tools to enhance your images. Leave this class knowing a logical workflow from import into Lightroom to export for the web, email or print. Susan s website:

Small Sets, Big Photos (828)

Bill Finger, Photo Studio
Saturdays, April 27 -May11
1:30- 4 pm /3 weeks
$120/Members: $100

Assemble miniature 3-D environments to be photographed. Playing with scale, camera angles and simple lighting techniques to best photograph your small scene. Construction and the intricacies of model-making will be discussed in addition to looking at work by various artists and photographers that build and photograph miniatures, to inspire your own small sets. All camera types are welcome. One session will meet at the Miniature Museum in Richland.

Polymer Photogravure (830)

Instructors: Dave Jones and Laurie Pruitt, Darkroom/ Print Studio
Saturday, 10am - 4pm
Sunday, noon - 5pm
April 13- 14
$170/Members: $150

Prerequisite: Alternative Processes or Photoshop
Using a polymer-coated plate and a digital positive, you'll create an intaglio-etched plate for high-quality images approaching those produced using traditional copperplate gravure. This process produces a beautiful photographic gradation of tones. Contact Dave at or Laurie at

Encaustics Techniques; Transfers & Painting (832)

Laurie Pruitt, Studio 6
Saturday & Sunday, May 4 - 5
Noon - 5 pm/Two Days
$210/Members: $190

Learn the basics of working with this ancient process. The encaustic medium will be used in combination with photographs, photo transfers and collage techniques. Learn various techniques for adding color. Through the layering of color with pigment sticks and the encaustic medium you will create a transparency and depth to your imagery. Equipment, paint, medium and brushes will be supplied for the weekend. Most materials will be provided. Laurie's website,

Lightroom Beyond the Basics (830)

Susan Andress, Computer Lab
Mondays, February 25 - March 18
6:30 - 9 pm/4 weeks
$140/Members: $120

Lightroom is designed to assist with
organizing, editing and outputting large
volumes of photographic files in a logical
and intuitive way. Go beyond the basic
photo adjustments to the more advanced
techniques to enhance your images. Learn
how to customize your Lightroom Library to
get organized, to create presets, black and
white conversion, explore the Bookmaking
Module and more. Susan s website:

Creative iPhone Photography (828)

Corinne Satterlee, Computer Lab
Thursdays, March 7 - 28
2 - 4:30 pm/4 weeks
$115/Members: $95

Using the camera phone as your
photographic tool, this course will present
a guided exploration of the capabilities
of this amazing technology. Students will
be taught to effectively capture and edit.
Photographing assignments and subjects of
personal interest while exploring the creative
possibilities of the phone as camera. No
prior photographic experience is required for
this class. Please bring your camera phone
fully charged to the first class.

Introduction to Photographic Lighting (821)

Amelia Falk, Photo Studio
Thursdays, April 11 - May 16
6:30 - 9 pm /6 weeks
$120/Members: $100

Prerequisite: A camera capable of manual exposure and familiarity with the camera controls.
Amelia will cover the fundamentals of lighting, including; strobes (studio and on-camera flashes), reflectors, soft boxes, gels and more. Students will learn how to set up and manipulate light for the most effective results. In addition to demos students will be active in setting up the strobes in the studio and other environments.

Mac Basics (823)

Corinne Satterlee, Mac Computer Lab
Tuesdays, April 9 " 30
1:30-4 pm/ 4 weeks
$120/Members: $100

Learn the basic features of a Mac computer through hands-on instruction. Students will leave this class knowing; how to make folders, save images or documents, import images from your camera or cameras memory card, use external hard drives. In addition students will become familiar with useful applications that are included on a Mac.

Macro Photography (825)

Mark Cassino, Multi-Purpose Classroom
Saturday, April 20
9 am - 5 pm/One-day
$95/Members: $75

Explore the world of high magnification macro photography! This workshop will cover the basics of how to photograph tiny subjects at high magnifications. Topics will include techniques for achieving high magnification, managing depth of field, lighting subjects, and focus stacking. Studio techniques for photographing small subjects will be covered including a demo of techniques for snowflake photography. Field techniques for outdoor photography of insects and flowers will also be presented. (Pack a lunch) Visit Mark's blog at

On the Road with your iPhone (827)

Mary Whalen, Computer Lab
Thursdays, April 18 - May 9
1 - 3:30 pm/4 weeks
$120/Members: $100

Using the camera phone as your photographic tool, we will visit the Kalamazoo Nature Center, the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary and the Gilmore Car Museum for the annual reciprocal museum month. Students will learn to effectively capture and edit with various apps while exploring our community s wealth of natural, artistic and historic resources. No prior photographic experience is required for this class. Please bring your camera phone fully charged to the first class.

Members of the KIA or any of the other 5 participating institutions, for the month of May will have free admittance. Non-member will be charged a fee for admittance.

Logos, Graphics, Make your Mark! (829)

David Birkam, Computer Lab
Thursdays, April 11 " May 16
6:30 " 9 pm /6 weeks
$125/Members: $105

Learn the basics of how to design Logos from sketch conception to application through the open source graphics program, Affinity Designer. Personal marks, business logos, or just for fun, the end result can be used in print or digital, from t-shirts to skateboards and is a great starting point for the study of Graphic Design.

Collage/Mixed Media (831)

Errin Ironside, Studio 2
Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28
Noon - 4 pm/Two Days
$115/Members: $95

Enjoy a weekend of collage! Cut and paste with color, shape or text. Create a personal history, make a statement and explore abstract textures. Using images from old books, magazines, pages out of your sketchbook or your own photographs can be the starting point. By taking these materials out of their original context and reassemble them into a new visual narrative, with the disparate elements to be combined into a finished work or series of images. Various strategies and a variety of mediums will be utilized.