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Mokulito (Wood Lithography) Workshop (764)

Deborah Mattson and Audrey Mills, Print Studio
Saturday-Sunday, March 2-3, 2 days
Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday, 1 - 4 pm
$100/Members: $80

Mokulito is the Japanese technique of
printing lithographs from wood panels.
Images are drawn on the wood. The wood can
also be carved away to create white spaces
and textures. This workshop is a good way to
experience lithography techniques in a nontoxic,
quick-paced atmosphere. Bring ideas
for imagery with you.

Print Media Critique (760)

Trevor Grabill, Print Studio
Fridays, March 8 - March 29
1 - 3:30 pm/4 weeks
$95/Members: $75

Strengthen your work and clarify your
ideas in a structured group critique for the
active printmaker or photographer. Delve
into why we make images and how we can
make them better in this discussion-based
class; featuring guest artists, historical
discussions, and prompts. This course
includes access to open studio hours for
the duration of the class in the darkroom
or printmaking studio (prior knowledge of
equipment required). Please bring several
pieces of previous work to the first class.

Beginning Printmaking (750)

Deborah Mattson, Print Studio
Wednesdays, April 10 - May 15
1 - 3:30 pm/6 weeks
$165/Members: $145

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent
You ll be introduced to two fundamental processes of printmaking: relief and intaglio. Learn new skills in a supportive atmosphere while becoming familiar with the tools and methods associated with these basic print mediums. Bring subject matter to the first class.
All materials are provided.

Printmaking Studio (752)

Deborah Mattson, Print Studio
Open Studio Hours, April 10 - May 17
Variable times/6 weeks
$165/Members: $145

Prerequisite: Departmental approval
Do you have a special project in mind or just need quality studio time? Printmaking Studio is designed for the experienced, independent artist/printmaker who would like to utilize our well-equipped printmaking studio. Enrollment includes storage and access to equipment during Open Studio Hours. Students must arrange to meet with instructor the first week to review shop rules and safety. Materials are available for purchase.

Intermediate Screen Printing (754)

Patrick Kinne, Print Studio
Thursdays, April 11 - May 16
1 - 3:30 pm/6 weeks
$165/Members: $145

Explore screen printing with multiple colors, experimental substrates, and as an element in collage. Students should know basic screen printing techniques.

Encaustic Collage (756)

Carol Myers, Print Studio
Wednesdays, April 10 " May 8
6:30 - 9 pm/5 weeks
$150/Members: $130

Encaustic painting is an ancient process using molten beeswax mixed with damar resin and pigment to create layered paintings, with each layer fused to the previous layer with heat. Encaustic and collage are perfect partners as the encaustic wax can be an adhesive as well as a preservative. We will be gluing collages with additional wax and using wax as the main adhesive. Work will be done on cradled panel. Encaustic medium and equipment provided.

Block Printing on Fabric (758)

Deborah Mattson, Print Studio
Wednesdays, April 10 - May 15
10am - 12:30 pm/6 weeks
$165/Members: $145

Using techniques developed by surface designer Jen Hewitt, we ll be carving blocks to print your own fabric yardage. Learn to use your own designs to print different types of surface design patterns, resulting in unique fabric for your textile projects! All materials provided.

Intermediate Printmaking (751)

Deborah Mattson, Print Studio
Wednesdays, April 10 " May 15
1 - 3:30 pm/6 weeks
$165/Members: $145

Prerequisite: Beginning Printmaking
Further develop your printmaking skills while investigating the possibilities that printmaking processes offer. Etching, multi- color printing, registration systems, and printing of editions will be covered. Bring previous prints, work-in-progress, sketches, and ideas to the first class.

Screen Printing Basics (753)

Caitlyn Pelfresne, Print Studio
Tuesdays, April 9 - May 14
6:30 - 9pm/6 weeks
$165/Members: $145

Learn the basics of screen printing. Develop your own design or image and print on paper or fabric. Make your own holiday cards or gifts.

Intro to Lithography (775)

Don Dombrowski, Print Studio
Tuesdays, April 9 - May 14
1:30 - 4 pm/6 weeks
$165/Members: $145

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent
Discover the magic of combining image development, chemistry, and hands-on printing in this introductory course. By drawing directly onto aluminum plates with litho pencils, crayons, and washes, create a unique image that can be printed multiple times. Step-by-step instruction takes you through the basics of plate preparation, press operation, inking, and printing. Enjoy drawing and printing your own image with the potential of creating an edition of prints.

Block Printing (757)

Trevor Grabill, Print Studio
Thursdays, April 11 - May 16
6:30 " 9 pm/6 weeks
$165/Members: $145

Printing carved blocks, also known as relief printing, is one of the oldest, simplest, and most versatile tools for reproducing art. Develop or hone your relief printing skills. Learn the ins and outs of carving and printing linoleum and wood blocks with the benefit of the KIA s well-stocked collection of tools and equipment. Discuss your finished work in a community of like-minded makers. Please bring drawings or reference photos to the first class.

Screen Printing Pet Portraits (759)

Caitlyn Pelfresne, Print Studio
Saturday, April 27
9 am - 5 pm
$100/Members: $80

Celebrate your pet with a custom portrait! No experience necessary. All the basics will be covered in this make & take workshop. Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions to submit a photo of your fur-baby (cell phone photos work fine!). You'll take home 10 handmade portraits. All materials provided. More images and information available on the instructor's website at