The sculpture studio has equipment for clay, metal welding, and wood sculpture including a sand blaster and plasma cutter. There is a plaster room for mold making and a bronze casting foundry.

Intermediate Welded Metal Sculpture (402)

Eric Pott, Studio 1
Monday, January 7 - March 25
1 - 3:30 pm/12 weeks
$270/Members: $250

Prerequisite: Beginning Welding

Take the next steps of constructing and
finishing your personal works of metal.
Students will bring their own designs into
solid form and finish their projects for indoor
or outdoor use. Some metals supplied.
Students will need to purchase or collect
additional steel. A refresher demo on all
equipment is part of the first class for those
who haven t welded in awhile. For protection,
students should bring safety glasses, leather
gloves, wear long pants, close-toed shoes
and bring a long sleeve shirt to class.
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