The Ceramics Department offers one of the best-equipped ceramics studios in Michigan, featuring two electric kilns and a
fast-fire gas kiln, plus 40- and 100-cubicfoot reduction kilns, salt kiln, raku kiln, plus a 500-cubic-foot Anagama kiln. Slab
rollers, pneumatic and manual extruders are available, and we have two rooms devoted to our extensive glaze inventory.

Beginning Ceramics

A variety of clay forming techniques will be
explored in this class. Coiling, pinching, and
slab building will be demonstrated, along
with an introduction to the wheel. Students
will also learn about glazing and glazes. Cone
10 stoneware and Raku firings are available.

Beginning Ceramics (313)

Lindsay Hayosh, Studio 7
Thursdays, January 10 - March 28
9:30 am - noon/12 weeks
$265/Members: $245
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Beginning Potter’s Wheel

This class would be beneficial for students
who are new to the Potter s Wheel and would
like to develop their throwing skills. Students
will be given instruction for centering clay
on the wheel. Through demonstrations and
discussion, Students will be taught basic forms
such as cylinders, cups, bowls, and plates.
There will be instruction on using the studio
glazes and slips to highlight your thrown pots.

Beginning Potter's Wheel (315)

Amy Hudson, Studio 5
Thursdays, January 10 - March 28
9:30 am - noon/12 weeks
$265/ Members: $245
Prerequisite: Beginning Ceramics
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Beginning Potter s Wheel (316)

Chad Bagge, Studio 5
Thursdays, January 10 - March 28
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks
$265/ Members: $245
Prerequisite: Beginning Ceramics
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Exploring Raku/Alternative Firing (319)

Brian Hirt, Studio 5
Wednesdays, January 9 - March 27
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks
$265/Members: $245

Prerequisite: Potter s Wheel or equivalent
Warm up by the winter Raku fire! Explore
the possibilities of Raku firing as well as
some alternative firings, such as Black ware,
Horsehair, Saggar, Obvara and Naked Raku.
The emphasis is on glazing, firing and postfiring
techniques. Prepare to be dazzled by
the results as you master this type of firing.

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Introduction to Red Earthenware (320)

Susan McHenry, Studio 7
Wednesdays, January 9 - March 27
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks
$265/Members: $245

Prerequisite: Beginning Potter s Wheel or

Bring vibrant color and layered surfaces
to your work as you explore the studio s
low-fire red earthenware clay. Decorative
techniques such as slip application, paper
and wax resists, slip transfer and the use of
terra sigillata will be the focus of this class.
Students will learn how to mix a custom
color palette with Mason stains to decorate
their work. Demonstrations will include both
wheel-thrown and hand-built forms.

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Anagama (321)

Julie Devers, Studio 5
Mondays, January 7 - March 25
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks
$265/Members: $245

Prerequisite: The Potter s Wheel or equivalent
Cast your fate to the fire and discover
the wonderful possibilities of wood fired
ceramics. Julie will share her in-depth
knowledge of forming pots and sculpture
for the KIA s Japanese style kiln. The12-
week class will culminate with a 4-day
firing in early May. This is one of our most
enlightening and challenging clay classes.

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Mud in the Morning (314)

Julie Devers, Studio 5
Wednesdays, January 9- March 27
9:30 am - noon/12 weeks
$265/Members: $245

Prerequisite: Beginning Ceramics
Start your day with this general ceramics
class, appropriate for all levels of clay
experience. Wheel-throwing techniques are
emphasized, but intermediate and advanced
students may explore independent goals
and interests. Forming, decorating, firing and
discussion - we cover it all.

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The Potter’s Wheel: Intermediate/Advanced

Prerequisite: Beginning Ceramics, Beginning
Potter s Wheel

Through demonstration and discussion,
this hands-on class for the intermediate
to advanced potter will refine and further
develop wheel-throwing skills. Trimming and
wall development will be emphasized, while
creating bowls, bottle and vase forms, teapots,
sectional thrown pieces, lidded forms and
throwing off the hump. Cone 10 stoneware,
porcelain and Raku firings will be offered.

The Potter s Wheel: Intermediate/Advanced (317)

Tom Richards, Studio 5
Tuesdays, January 8 - Mar 26
6:30 - 9 pm/12 weeks
$265/Members: $245
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The Potter's Wheel: Intermediate/Advanced (318)

Wyatt Lane, Studio 5
Wednesdays, January 9 - March 27
1 - 3:30 pm/12 weeks
$265/Members: $245
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Hot Date Night: Ceramics (322)

Brian Hirt and Chad Bagge, Studios 3 and 5
Friday, February 8
6:30 - 9:30 pm
$75/Members: $55 (per couple)

Bring your special someone and experience
working on the potter s wheel. We ll turn up
the heat with a Raku firing that will produce
a piece to take home. It s the perfect
opportunity to have creative time together,
while learning something new. Couples can
bring their own beverages and snacks.

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Visiting Artist Workshop

VA Cultivating Harmony and Personal Expression (311)

Lisa Naples, Visiting Artist
Studio 5
Saturday and Sunday, January 19 - 20, 2019
9am - 5pm/2 days
$175/Members: $155
$50 cancellation fee. No refund after January 5.

Lisa will demonstrate hand-building pottery using soft earthenware slabs. She'll teach the principals of dart cutting so participants will be able to create their own designs after the workshop. Lisa will also demonstrate her dry brush slip application and speak to concepts around decoration: specifically the use of stories as narratives, where they come from and how to place 2-D onto 3-D forms respecting both. Finding a way to express something personal through functional pottery will be discussed. How one finds their voice through form and accentuates that expression through decoration, involves an embrace of three forces working together: Play, Process and Practice. It happens over a lifetime. Getting started is often the most daunting part. One must start over and over again throughout a long career in ceramics.
The Jim and Lois Richmond Workshop Fund subsidizes this workshop.

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