The Photography & Digital Media Department has a traditional black and white darkroom, Mac Computer Lab and photo studio. It is a workspace where you can meet like-minded folks, learn about your camera gear and explore various ways to make photographic imagery. We are bridging digital technology with the tried and true art of the hand made print. We are a place where you can develop your personal vision with a camera.

2019 Visiting Artist Workshop / Summer

VA Inkjet Printing in an Alternate Universe (833)

VA Printing with Translucent Vellum, Precious Metals, Gesso and More!
Visiting Artist, Dan Burkholder
Saturday, Sunday, June 29-30
9 am - 4 pm
$425/ Members: $405
$50 cancellation fee. No refund after June 14.

In this workshop you"ll dive headfirst into the magical world of translucent paper, hand-applied gold leaf, palladium leaf, silver leaf, gesso and more - all combined with archival inkjet printing. Learn how to create prints with the look, feel and intrigue of handmade prints without the expense and hassle of a wet darkroom. Combine the best of archival inkjet printing with the charm of the handmade print! This workshop lets you bask in the hand-applied world of voluptuous paper, magical precious metals, mica powders, archival varnish and opaque gesso to create lasting works of art.

  • Explore the beauty and intrigue of archival, translucent vellum.
  • Discover tantalizing ways to blend gold, palladium, silver and other metals.
  • Experience the joy of hand-applied gesso, making your highlights glow.
  • Brushing, grinding, and rubbing will become your new go-to skills.
  • Grasp easy but powerful Photoshop skills to fine-tune your gilding-bound images.
  • Learn how to identify image problems before you hit Print. Dan's "diagnose and treat" approach will save you time, paper and disappointment as you learn how to make prints you'll be proud to display, share and sell.

All of the skills learned in this workshop can be applied to the classic darkroom for those wishing to print on vellum with platinum/palladium, cyanotype, etc. Dan's website;


Print Media Critique (760)

Trevor Grabill, Print Studio
Fridays, March 8 - March 29
1 - 3:30 pm/4 weeks
$95/Members: $75

Strengthen your work and clarify your
ideas in a structured group critique for the
active printmaker or photographer. Delve
into why we make images and how we can
make them better in this discussion-based
class; featuring guest artists, historical
discussions, and prompts. This course
includes access to open studio hours for
the duration of the class in the darkroom
or printmaking studio (prior knowledge of
equipment required). Please bring several
pieces of previous work to the first class.