Pastel Painting (927)

Laurel Kuehl, Studio 6
Tuesdays, January 8 - March 26
1:15 - 3:45 pm/12 weeks
$235/Members: $215

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent.
Explore pastel techniques of design, color,
value and light in this colorful medium.
Instructor's website is
Supply list is online and in the school office.

Oil and Acrylic Painting

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing
Explore oil or acrylic painting from ala prima
painting to layered techniques involving
underpainting and overpainting. All styles,
directions and content encouraged. Bring
whatever painting materials you have. A
detailed supply list available on instructor's

One-Day Watercolor Experience (928)

Denise Lisiecki, Studio 2
Sunday, January 27
12:30 - 4 pm/One day
$65/Members: $45

Enjoy an afternoon earning the basic
techniques of colorful watercolor painting.
All materials are included. Instructor s

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