Water Casting (749)

Holly Northrup, Jewelry Studio
Sunday, July 22
Noon-2:30/One day
$80/Members: $60

Prerequisite: Beginning Jewelry or equivalent.
Water casting is an amazing way to create more abstract solid forms. With no molds or difficult casting equipment this method can be done easily at home. In this quick class you will learn how to water cast using silver including all equipment needed to get set up at home, each student will cast one to two pieces. After the casts are done we will discuss ways they can be incorporated into your jewelry.

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Alternative Casting (748)

Linda Kekic, Jewelry Studio
Saturday, July 28
10 am - 3 pm/One day
$90/Members: $70

Explore several different ways to cast metal including broom straw casting, salt casting and bean casting. Each casting experience will create interesting abstract metal shapes and designs that can be incorporated into jewelry

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