Beginning Printmaking (760)

Deborah Mattson, Print Studio
Wednesdays, June 6 - August 1 (no class 7/4)
1 - 3:30 pm/8 weeks
$175/Members: $155

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent
You'll be introduced to two fundamental processes of printmaking: relief and intaglio. Learn new skills in a supportive atmosphere while becoming familiar with the tools and methods associated with these basic print mediums. Bring subject matter to the first class.

Print Media Critique (763)

Trevor Grabill, Print Studio
Tuesdays, July 17 - July 31
1 - 3:30 pm/3 weeks
$90/Members: $70

Strengthen your work and clarify your ideas in 3 weeks of structured group critique for the active printmaker or photographer. We'll delve into why we make images and how we can make them better in this discussion- and community-based class. Featuring guest artists, historical discussions, and prompts. This course also includes access to open studio hours in the darkroom or printmaking studio (prior knowledge of equipment required). Please bring several pieces of previous work to the first class.

Encaustic Painting in the Print Studio (765)

Carol L. Myers, Print Studio
Tuesdays, June 5 - July 24
6:30 - 9 pm/8 weeks
$175/Members: $155

Explore the ancient art of painting with pigmented beeswax. Learn the basics of encaustic painting, safety, studio set up and best practices, then explore the many techniques and approaches that will allow you to translate your own artistic vision into this exciting and versatile medium. Paint, equipment and some tools will be provided, as well as everything you need for the first class. Bring a sketchbook/notebook and a sense of adventure. Supply list available online and in the registration office.

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Visiting Artist Workshop Fall 2018

VA Woodcut with Monotype Workshop (780)

Guest Artist, Barbara Nohinek
Saturday, September 22
9 am - 5pm
$145/Members: $125

$50 non-refundable cancelation fee, No refund after 9/8.
Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or Woodblock
Using Akua Inks and modifiers, the workshop will focus on exploiting the relief block as a creative beginning for monotype. The block will be inked transferred and transferred to an acrylic sheet multiple times to achieve a multicolored plate. The ghost plates will be used for more variations. Please bring a pre-carved woodblock using 1/4" Shina plywood.
Friday, September 21 there will be an artist talk in the Multi-Purpose Classroom at 6:30 pm.

Intermediate Printmaking (761)

Deborah Mattson, Print Studio
Wednesdays, June 6 - August 1 (no class 7/4)
1 - 3:30 pm/8 weeks
$175/Members: $155

Prerequisite: Beginning Printmaking

Further develop your printmaking skills while investigating the possibilities that printmaking processes offer. Etching, multi- color printing, registration systems, and printing of editions will be covered. Bring previous prints, work-in-progress, sketches, and ideas to the first class.

Intro to Lithography (764)

Deborah Mattson, Print Studio
Thursdays, June 7 - July 26
6:30 - 9 pm/8 weeks
$175/Members: $155

Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing or equivalent.
Discover the magic of combining image development, chemistry, and hands-on printing in this introductory course. By drawing directly onto aluminum plates with litho pencils, crayons, and washes, you ll create a unique image that can be printed multiple times. Step-by-step instruction takes you through the basics of plate preparation, press operation, inking, and printing. You ll enjoy drawing and printing your own image with the potential of creating an edition of prints.

Intermediate Screen Printing (766)

Patrick Kinne, Print Studio
Wednesdays, June 6 - August 1 (no class 7/4)
6:30 pm - 9 pm/ 8 weeks
$175/Members: $155

Prerequisite: Screen printing basics

This course covers screen printing with multiple colors, experimental substrates, and as an element in collage. Students should know basic screen printing techniques.