My Hero! Contemporary Art & Superhero Action

Pow! Bam! Woosh!!

Jenny Parks - Spideycat

We'll blow your cape back with this one!

February 3, 2018 - May 13, 2018

Take a journey to find heroes you recognize, heroes that seem familiar yet are altered, and discover some heroes you may be living with everyday.

This artwork is not only inviting and eye-catching; it explores a variety of issues and perspectives. The art will generate questions and reflection on many levels from "What super power would you have?" to "Do the traditional superheroes represent me?" With over 100 pieces of art that utilize a variety of media there is action everywhere!

Mikeal Cantara - SupermanClassroom connections and discussions are ample.
  • Social Studies (Identity, History, Social Justice, Culture, Appropriation)
  • Artistic (Process, Collaboration, Materials, Time Based Arts)
  • Critical Thinking (Visual Thinking Skills, Consider Perspectives)
  • History (Communication, Storytelling, Myth)
  • Mathematical (Sequencing, Scale, Proportion)
  • Scientific (Physics of Flying, Chemistry of Body, DNA, Body Mechanics)
  • Physical Education (Movement, Physical Fitness, Identity)




View highlights from the KIA collection of American art or special exhibition in this introduction to the museum. Students view 8-12 works of art and learn about art elements and principles of design through open-ended questions and activities. We can always provide an ArtLab experience for any of our tours.


Boyhood of Lincoln

The KIA Collection features American Art from the late 1700s to the present and includes many artists featured in the NEH's Picturing America program, like Jacob Lawrence, Louis Comfort Tiffany and John James Audubon. Picturing America tours will enhance your 5th, 8th, and high school American History curriculum.
5th grade: Discuss themes relating to the early colonies and American revolution
8th grade: Explore art from the Civil War and Reconstruction eras.
High School: Engage with art from the Gilded Age to the Civil Rights Movement.
KIA Picturing America Educator Packet


for students and adults with visual impairments
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For guided tours and ArtLab please contact Cassie Tighe-Hansen 269/349-7775 (ext, 3161) or

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