Do It!

This year's feature exhibition:

2018 do it lewitt 2x1

Do It! Interpretation and Creation

October 27, 2018 - March 3, 2019

From Marcel Duchamp to the Kalamazoo Junior Choir the interpretation of instructions has become an art. Do It! is "an exhibition based on artists' instructions that, like a musical score can be reimagined and reworked in numerous ways." Collaboration, interpretation and fun are all built into this show. In this exhibition students will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Critical Thinking (PBL, Ambiguity, Open-ended Questions)
  • Artistic (Process, Collaboration, Materials, Authorship)
  • Language (Communication, Translation of Ideas, Audience)
  • Collaboration (Ideas, Process, Implementation)
  • Writing (Technical vs. Interpretative)

Also Available:


Franz Kline Red Crayon

The how and why of Abstract Art will be revealed through conversation and looking. Students will be guided through an exploration of this often misunderstood form of art. Delve deeper into the complex themes, ideas, and gestures behind deceivingly "simple" works of art. We can always provide an ArtLab experience for any of our tours.

STEM TO STEAM (through Sculpture) NEW TOUR!

Deborah Butterfield Hoku

Artists are explorers, designers, and engineers! Explore our sculptural objects and learn about process, materials, formation, space, and beauty among other ideas.


For students and adults with visual impairments
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