How to plan a fun, engaging trip to the KIA

Step 1: Check the museum website (you are already there so you are off to a good start!)

  • Look for hours, any fees, parking and other facilities.
  • Check out the website with your children. Look at pictures of exhibitions and talk about what you will see in the museum. Let them pick out a few favorite works that they want to see during the visit.

Step 2: Find family-friendly activities. The KIA has lots to interest you and your family.

  • Look at the daily calendar. There might be a something special going on the day of your visit.
  • Visit our Kids Corner on the lower level for lots of hands-on, creative activities including a huge drawing wall, a glow-in-the-dark corner and fun reading nook filled with imaginative, playful stories for the whole family!

Step 3: Getting ready to visit.

  • Read a book about going to a museum. Here is a great list of books that will appeal to any child's interests.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt. Look for specific object (dogs, children, fruit, things that start with the letter of your child's first name).
  • You could also bring a notebook and a pencil (no pens please!) so your child could do some sketching or writing. Making up stories or poems about works of art is lots of fun!
  • Ask questions-what do you see? What is the story? How many oranges are in this still life? If you were going to take a trip into this painting, what would you need to bring? What's your favorite work in this gallery and why?'
  • Discuss museum behavior with your children about how to behave:
    • No touching any art unless you are invited to do so.
    • Use walking feet, not running or skipping.
    • Use inside voices.

Other helpful tips

  • Don't expect to see everything in one visit. You want to leave the museum before they get overwhelmed so they will look forward to their next visit.
  • Make sure the kids are fed and well-rested. Everyone will have a better time.
  • Dress comfortably - no need to dress up - and wear comfortable shoes.