WMAS 2016 Awards

  • Helen Sheridan Memorial Grand Prize ($1,000): Sue Hale, for the body of work in the exhibition: Renascentia/Rebirth, Finn and Merino wool (traditional wet felting using multiple resists); Healing Hand, Merino wool (traditional wet felting with mosaic & embroidered embellishments); Dendrite/Connections, Finn and Merino wool, wire armature; traditional wet felting with multiple resists and shibori
  • Second Prize ($500): Linda Rzoska, Treetop, graphite, oil pastel, tusche, digital print, and encaustic
  • Third Prize ($400): Tom Zaroff, Corpulent Distortion, concrete
  • Fourth Prize ($300): Ann E. Soukup, Measured Mass No. 1, Raku-fired stoneware
  • Fifth Prize ($200): Robert Shimmin, The Famous Mr. Spooky Wig Head, photogravure
  • Kalamazoo Knitting Guild Award for Fiber ($100): Jacqueline Skarritt, One Hundred and Ten Degrees: The 2015 Temperature Quilt, fabric hand-dyed and quilted by artist
  • Ninth Wave Studio Award for Ingenuity in Mixed Media or Intermedia ($200): Barbara Thiery Buysse, Relic Tree, oil paint and found objects on cloth
  • Kalmazoo Log Cabin Quilters' Art Quilt Award ($200): Nina Feirer & Patrick Whalen, Sometimes You're the Goat, Sometimes You're the Tiger, cotton, silk, and sateen
  • Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo Award for Fiber ($200): Gretchen Huggett, Striations #2, linen, silk, indigo-dyed paper; woven, stitched, overdyed in indigo
  • Signature Artists Cooperative Award ($250): Scott Whitworth, Holding Room in Former "Security Prison 21" of the Khmer Rouge, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, archival inkjet print
  • West Michigan Potters Guild Eleanore Smith Memorial Award for Ceramics ($250): Edward Harkness, Ramble, stoneware
  • The Martin Maddox Prize for Imaginative Realism ($350): Tatsuki Hakoyama, Rhythm of Light, oil on canvas
  • Ward H. and Cora E. Nay Director's Purchase Prize: Barbara Thiery Buysse, Relic Tree, oil paint and found objects on cloth; and Beth Purdy, Fact: When Tasmanian Devils are Upset their Ears Blush Bright Red, collaged paper, charcoal, and oil on canvas

The Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo's People's Choice Award ($500) will be announced during July 8 Art Hop.

Chemical BankMichigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

Co-Sponsor: Warner Norcross Judd Attorneys at Law

Additional support provided by David Isaacson in memory of his wife, Helen Sheridan.

2016 WMAS
Sue Hale, Renascentia/Rebirth, Finn and Merino wool (traditional wet felting using multiple resists)
2016 WMAS
2016 WMAS
2016 WMAS

nina feirer quilt 2016

wmas16 huggettgretchen 2a striation2 72
wmas16 harknessedward 2a ramble 72
wmas16 shimminrobert 2 mr.spookywighead 72

wmas16 soukupann 3a measured 72
wmas16 zarofftom 1a corpulent 72
wmas16 rzoskalinda 1a treetop 72