Past Exhibitions at the KIA


15 KNASFR Andress cycle
Kirk Newman Art School Faculty Review
September 19 - November 29, 2015
This biennial exhibition highlights the creative talents of art school faculty, highlighting the artistic gifts they share with our students and institution, and offering a visual sampler of the range of media taught at the KIA.

Jiha Moon, Letter Shin (Yellow), 2014

Jiha Moon: Double Welcome, Most Everyone's Mad Here
December 19 - March 6, 2016
Jiha Moon's blurs the lines between Western and Eastern iconography, using smart-phone emojis, social media logos, and characters from online games (among others) floating alongside Asian tigers, dragons, and gods to unite the familiar and the foreign, bringing cultures together to clash, crash, muddle, and meld.
Suspended, Scultures from ArtPrize 2015
Suspended! Sculpture from ArtPrize 2015
December 12 - March 13, 2016
The sculpture in Suspended! was first seen at ArtPrize Seven. Joel S. Allen (Steamboat Springs, Colorado) creates groups of colorful, hand-wrapped fiber pendants. Russell Prather (Marquette, Michigan) challenges our perception of matter with carefully aligned, subtly painted sheets of polyester film. Inspired by nature and historical costume, Irene LaVon Walker (Ferndale, Michigan) weaves ethereal, dreamlike forms.
May Stevens, Big Daddy Paper Doll, 1970
Colour Correction: British and American Screenprints, 1967-75
November 27 - March 27, 2016
Revived after its invention in the early 20th century as a low-cost way to create colorful, graphic prints, silkscreening was seemingly the perfect medium to illustrate this time of sweeping change. More than 80 innovative, dramatic, and vibrant works by 32 artists fill our galleries with color, shape, and ideas.
High School Area Show Installation
High School Area Show
March 25 - May 4, 2016
Our annual showcase of artists in grades 9-12 from nine counties. Students are eligible for college and KIA art school scholarships, and the 6th District Congressional Art Competition, and the winner will receive a trip to Washington, D.C., to see his/her art on view in the U.S. Capitol. Cash prizes are selected by the juror, and scholarships are awarded by the participating schools.
Young Artists of Kalamazoo County 2010
Young Artists of Kalamazoo County
May 14 - June 5, 2016
The most creative, colorful and whimsical art in town, by the areas youngest artists. Schools of all kinds submit the work of students from kindergarten through 8th grades, and the KIA covers almost every inch of the gallery walls, from floor to ceiling with children's art, including paintings, drawings, sculptures and more!
 Cherney/Chang, Mountain Fire, 2014
Rhythms of Abstraction: Landscape Duets of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney
March 16 - June 19, 2016
Chinese-ink painter Arnold Chang and photographer Michael Cherney explore the differences and similarities between their mediums. Works combining contemporary painting and photography, but rooted in the traditions of Chinese painting are on view. In their collaborative works, Cherney's photographs form the first stage for Chang's painted compositions, creating ingenious visual dialogues.
Martin Hubbard, Lustron, 2016
West Michigan Area Show
April 9 - July 10
West Michigan's talented community of visual artists is on display, exceptional work in all media, from a 14-county region. Each year, an experienced juror chooses the artists from more than 300 submitted entries, ranging from paintings, prints and photos to mosaics, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture and mixed-media works.
BarbaraTakenaga, Lines to the Center II, 2014
Barbara Takenaga: Waiting in the Sky II
June 18-September 18, 2016
An abstract painter whose compositions can evoke a sense of the cosmos, reflecting patterns equally resonant of the illusion of subatomic particles and deep space, in all its infinity and mystery. Rich, complex patterns create a fascinating tension between surface ornamentation and references to the physical, metaphysical and philosophical.
Fred Wessell, Taurus, 2015
Eternal Beauty: Egg Tempera Paintings by Fred Wessel
June 25-October 2, 2016
The technique of egg tempera painting has been practiced since ancient times. The exacting process of mixing pigment with egg yolk and water, then applying thin layers of paint to a carved wooden panel creates images of great detail and luminescence. Fred Wessel is among the artists today working in egg tempera and he has emerged as a true master of the medium.
Renee Stout, See-Line Woman, 2009
Renee Stout: Tales of the Conjure Woman
July 23-October 23, 2016
Washington, D.C., artist Renee Stout is best known for her exploration of vestigial retentions of African cultural traditions as manifested in contemporary America. For many years, the artist has used the alter ego Fatima Mayfield, a fictitious herbalist/fortuneteller, as a vehicle to role-play and confront issues such as romantic relationships, social ills, or financial woes in a way that is open, creative, and humorous. The exhibition focuses on the artist's assumed role through an array of works in various media.
Ahn, Mirror Drawing #23, 2013
Reaching into Infinity: Chul Hyun Ahn
July 2-November 6, 2016
Sculptures of light, color, and illusion investigate apparent limitless space. Ahn's sculpture urges the viewer to consider man's boundless ability for physical and spiritual travel while exploiting illusions of infinity and the poetics of emptiness.