Exhibition : Suspended! Sculpture from Artprize 2015

suspended panorama by moshersuspended walker foursome mosher

Explore sculpture from a different perspective, with works that hang from the ceiling, compel curiosity, and inspire wonder. The sculpture in Suspended! was seen at the ArtPrize Seven venue hosted by WMU's Gwen Frostic School of Art, and curated by KIA Director of Collections and Exhibitions Vicki Wright. Joel S. Allen (Steamboat Springs, Colorado) creates groups of colorful, hand-wrapped fiber pendants. Russell Prather (Marquette, Michigan) challenges our perception of matter with carefully aligned, subtly painted sheets of polyester film. Inspired by nature and historical costume, Irene LaVon Walker (Ferndale, Michigan) weaves ethereal, dreamlike forms.


Greenleaf Trust AVB first

From above left, work by Joel S. Allen, Irene LaVon Walker, and below, Joel Prather. suspended prather worm by mosher


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