KIA Staff Directory

To call a KIA staff member, dial (269) 349-7775. When prompted, enter 3 and the extension provided in the list below.

Department Name Title Extension email
Director's Office Belinda Tate Executive Director 3121  
  Laura Wilson Assistant to the Executive Director 3121
Collections & Exhibitions Rehema C. Barber Chief Curator 3130

Katherine Ransbottom Associate Curator 3131
  Matt Mahoney Preparator 3134

Amy Passiak Registrar 3133
  Fari Nzinga Curatorial Fellow 3163
Advancement Kimberly Earnshaw Director of Advancement 3190
  Katie Houston Marketing Manager 3112

Alisha Siebers Advancement Officer 3113
Gallery Shop Christina Klok Gallery Shop Manager 3150  
Kirk Newman Art School Denise Lisiecki School Director 3180
  Brian Hirt 3-D Department Chair 3182
  Mary Whalen Photography and Digital Media Department Chair 3186
  Corinne Satterlee Chair, Children's Department
Photography and Digital Media Technician
    Ceramics Assistant 3183  
  Barb Scott School Secretary 3101
  Art School Faculty List      
Museum Education Michelle Stempien Director of Museum Education 3162

Kim Long Assistant Curator for Adult Programs 3160

Jessica Sundstrom Assistant Curator for Youth and Family Programs 3161
Meader Fine Art Library Ellyssa Seager Librarian 3165
Finance & Personnel Eric Johnson Director of Finance and Personnel 3140  
  Lori McCullough Bookkeeper 3141
  Mary Landi Receptionist 3001
  Maria Scott Receptionist 3001
Facilities Ron Boothby Director of Facilities 3170  
  David Barron Assistant Director of Facilities 3170  
  Scott Booden Head of Security 3171  
  Michael Doss Custodian 3170  
  Neil Murphy Custodian 3170