Deaccessioned Works

After careful research and evaluation of its collection, the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts (KIA) has deaccessioned nine works of art by European artists to be sold at public auction. The process of deaccessioning, or formally removing works from a collection, is a common practice among American museums. In reviewing its collection, a museum's staff and board may find duplication or better examples of an artist's work or they may determine that certain works are no longer central to the Museum's mission. The KIA's recent deaccessions were approved by both the Collection Advisory Committee and the KIA Board of Directors. Although these were important early gifts to the institution, the museum's emphasis has grown to focus on American paintings and sculptures and the nine deaccessioned European works of art were rarely used for exhibitions or placed on public view.

The sale of these works provides an opportunity to benefit the growth of our collection in our area of specialty--American paintings and sculptures. In accordance with the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) deaccession guidelines, the proceeds from the sale will be used exclusively for the purchase of works of art. The noted auction house Sotheby's has been selected to sell the nine works in the upcoming months.

The following nine works of European paintings and sculptures were deaccessioned on March 17, 2011:

  • Ernst Barlach, German, 1870-1938, Der Singende Mann (The Singing Man), 1928, cast 1938, bronze
  • Pierre Bonnard, French, 1867-1947, La maison au bord du chemin ou Maisons sur la falaise, 1918, oil on board
  • Lynn Chadwick, English, 1914-2003, Tower IV, 1965, bronze
  • Jacob Epstein, English, 1880-1959, Woman of Baku, 1944, bronze
  • Paul Gauguin, French, 1848-1903, Mask of a Tahitian Woman, ca. 1890, cast 1959, bronze
  • Gerhard Marcks, German, 1889-1981, Herero Konigin (Woman of the Herero Tribe), 1955, bronze
  • Jac Martin-Ferrieres, French, 1893-1972, Fete sur le Grand Canal, 1927, oil on canvas
  • Eduardo Paolozzi, English, 1924-2005, Robot, 1956, bronze
  • Max Herman Pechstein, German, 1881-1955, Italienische Bergfeste (Italian Stronghold), 1913, oil on canvas

As new works are purchased for the collection, they will be listed on this web page. The new works will carry credit lines bearing the name(s) of the donors of the original works that have been deaccessioned.

Temporary Objects

Over the years, devoted patrons and friends of the KIA have generously given art as unrestricted gifts. At the time of the gift, donors are informed that work not accessioned will be sold, with proceeds to support the KIA. Many works have been sold at previous Art and Antique fundraising events, but over the years, objects never accessioned into the permanent collection have continued to accumulate and occupy valuable storage space.

In spring 2017, with the support of the KIA Board's Collection Committee, a consultant familiar with the KIA collection systematically and deliberately evaluated these Temporary Objects. His recommendation for each object was individually reviewed by museum staff. Final decisions for disposition were made in accordance with the KIA s Collection Management Policy and best practices for professional museums, as determined by the American Alliance of Museums.

Through this action, the KIA is pleased to fulfill the wishes of the objects' donors. Temporary objects that do not match our collection goals will be shared with other appropriate non-profit organizations or sold. The funds received through the sale of these objects in summer/fall 2017 will directly benefit the KIA curatorial department and support collections care. Considerable space reclaimed through this action will additionally benefit and safeguard the existing collection by permitting the KIA to redesign storage areas utilizing quality museum shelving and racks with the generous support of the Burroughs Corporation.

Ernst Barlach, The Singing Man
Ernst Barlach, German, 1870-1938, Der Singende Mann (The Singing Man), 1928, cast 1938, bronze | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Gilmore, 1969/70.24
Ernst Barlach, The Singing Man
Pierre Bonnard, La maison au bord du chemin
Lynn Chadwick, Tower IV
Jacob Epstein, Woman of Baku

Paul Gaugiun, Mask of a Tahitian Woman
Gerhard Marcks, Woman of the Herero Tribe
Jac Martin-Ferrieres, Fete sur le Grand Canal
Eduardo Paolozzi, Robot

Hermann Max Pechstein, Italian Stronghold

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