Collection Highlights

In each issue of our member's magazine Sightlines, the KIA highlights a new addition to our collection and that work is placed on view in the KIA lobby, inviting closer inspection. Here's a sampling of some recent highlights, with the current highlight in the upper left:

2019 collection highlight albizu 72
Janet Fish, A.M.
Emil Nolde, Self-Portrait
John Steuart Curry, John Brown
James Chapin
Grafton Tyler Brown, Trout
Patrick Ireland, Promenade, acrylic paint and rope
Robert Mapplethorpe, Thomas, 1986, printed 1988, gelatin silver print
Fred Wilson, Untitled
David Williams, Sixth Form Girl, Primary I Girl
Whitfield Lovell, Kin LV (The Moral Compass)
Akio Takamori, Duet
Jill Moser, Acrobat
Eastman Johnson, The Boy Lincoln
Marc Chagall, Song of David
Stephen Hansen, But is it art?
William Kentridge, The Nose
Zhu Cheng, Bird and Flower

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