Traveling Exhibitions

The following exhibitions are available to museums and university art galleries with secure, environmentally controlled facilities and professional staff experienced in handling works of art. Scroll to the bottom of the page for exhibition requirements. For questions or further information contact Katherine at 269/585-9290 or

Philip Evergood The Little Accomplices Philip Evergood, The Little Accomplices, 1939, oil on burlap. Purchased with donations from members, 1960/1.10 American Perspectives on Modernism

Drawn from the KIA collection, this exhibition includes works by Stuart Davis, Marsden Hartley, John Marin, Charles Sheeler, Max Weber and other American modernists. Responding to the artistic developments in Europe, these artists sought new ways to picture the rapidly changing times of the early 20th century.

34 paintings and prints (oil on canvas or board, ink on paper, watercolor, woodcut, lithography, etching, drypoint, and screenprint)
$7,000 rental fee, plus shipping and insurance, 10 weeks
140-170 linear feet
Available beginning December 2019

Luiz Jimenez Self-Portrait Luis Jimenez, Self-Portrait, 1996, soft ground etching, multiplates | Permanent Collection Fund Purchase, 2005.9 BOO! Images of the Macabre

Why are we so attracted to images of the macabre? Exploring our fears inspires a quickening of the pulse and heightens our awareness of the mysteries of life--and death. Psychologist Carl Jung wrote that the artist's role is to give expression to the shadow side of humankind, which usually dwells below the level of consciousness. He advocated forcing shadows into the light in order to master dark impulses and maintain a healthy balance. Engage your subconscious through art that explores eerie landscapes, creepy creatures, ghostly figures, and other mysterious intersections of reality and imagination.

30 works of art
$5,200 rental fee, plus shipping and insurance, 10 weeks
100-150 linear feet

Robert Indiana Number 2 Robert Indiana, Number 2, 1968, screenprint. Bequest of Charlotte Collins from the Charles and Charlotte Collins Collection, 2009.31 Drawn to Abstraction: Prints from the 1960s and '70s

The mid- to late-20th century in America was a time of boundary testing and social critique. Artists, too, challenged accepted techniques and subject matter while critically examining the role of art in society. Printmaking brought the excitement of the New York and International art scene within reach of middle-class collectors. The works in this exhibition capture the vibrancy of the emerging abstract movements during this time, including Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Op Art, and Pop Art. This exhibition features an extraordinary collection of works on paper by artists widely recognized as giants of 20th-century art: Josef Albers, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Frank Stella, and others.

40 works on paper (lithography, screenprint, intaglio, woodcut)
$6,500 rental fee, plus shipping and insurance, 10 weeks
200-250 linear feet

Federico Castellon The Dagger Dropped Gleaming Upon the Sable Carpet Federico Castellon, The Dagger Dropped Gleaming Upon the Sable Carpet, 1968, lithograph. Director's Fund Purchase, 1969/70.50.15 Courtesy of Michael Rosenfeld Gallery LLC, New York, NY Fear and Folly: The Visionary Prints of Francisco Goya
and Federico Castellon

Though separated by about 150 years, Francisco Goya (1746-1828) and Federico Castellon (1914-1971) often appear closer to one another than to their contemporaries, as they both turned their attention to the human condition. In this exhibition, the artists are represented by important print series: Castellon's lithographs for Edgar Allen Poe's The Masque of the Red Death and Goya's etchings from Los Disparates (or The Proverbs). Many artists have been drawn to things dark and fantastic, but few have probed the human condition with the insight and truthfulness found in these images.

38 works on paper (lithograph, etching and aquatint)
$5,500 rental fee, plus shipping and insurance, 10 weeks
140-170 linear feet

2017 ipij kunisada otomo Kunisada Utagawa, The Actor Nakamura Shikan IV as Otomo no Kunonushi, 1860, woodblock print. Collection of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts; Gift of Miss Fillette Many 1960/1.327 Impressions: Printmaking in Japan

This selection of 33 prints illustrates the flowering of Japan's printmaking culture from the 17th to the 21st century. Four thematic groupings demonstrate the demand for prints in Edo's urban culture, Kabuki theater and the 47 Ronin, landscape and Western influence, and adaptations to global markets and practices. Works include woodblock prints by Hiroshige and Utamaro, who first captivated 19th-century Western artists. Modern and contemporary artists employing techniques of etching, aquatint, and drypoint are also represented.

33 prints
$6,750 rental fee, plus shipping and insurance, 10 weeks
130-160 linear feet

1980-1 54-hepworth Barbara Hepworth, November Green, from Opposing Forms, 1969-70, lithograph. Gift of Mr. Donald McManner. Round and Round: The Circle at Center Stage

We see the circle all around us in natural forms and man-made objects. Artists have incorporated circular forms in art throughout time and across cultures. The perfect circle may be the most universally satisfying shape: mathematically beautiful, symmetrical, balanced. But even in a less-than-perfect form, rings, ovals, rounds, and spirals can express unity, eternity, and rebirth. Whether attired in hard-edged perfection or textures found in nature, the circular form commands center stage in this selection of prints, photographs, paintings, and sculpture. Works on view in this exhibition illustrate the many ways this simple form has inspired immense artistic versatility. This exhibition can easily be connected, through programming and tours, with the host institution s own collection on view in other galleries.

39 paintings and prints
$6,000 rental fee, plus shipping and insurance, 10 weeks. Prorated for longer exhibitions
130-160 linear feet

James McNeill Whistler San Biagio James McNeill Whistler, San Biagio, 1879, etching and drypoint. Director's Fund Purchase, 1965/6.68 Shimmerings of Light, Mysteries of Shadow: The Etching Revival of the 19th Century

This exhibition begins with three works by Rembrandt, but then focuses on the artists of the 19th-century "etching revival," including such masters of the medium as James McNeill Whistler, Charles Meryon, and Samuel Palmer. The works illustrate how etching, which required the artist to use line alone, introduced a new way of both drawing and perceiving the world.

34 prints
$5,000 rental fee, plus shipping and insurance, 10 weeks
140-170 linear feet

Requirements for borrowing include:

  • Limited-access gallery space with light and climate controls. Unless indicated otherwise for a specific exhibition, relative humidity of 40-60% and temperature of 66-74 degrees should be maintained at all times.
  • Light levels in the galleries will not exceed 15 foot candles (10 fc for photography and works on paper). No lights are permitted during non-exhibition hours. Direct daylight and fluorescent lighting are prohibited.
  • The exhibition will be unpacked, repacked, moved, handled, and installed under professional supervision by personnel who have had previous experience in handling art objects. The same individuals should be responsible for unpacking and repacking the objects.
  • Trained security guard(s) must be present at all times when open to the public.
  • Exhibition area must be locked with an electronic security system alarmed during closed hours.
  • Locked, environmentally stable interior exhibition storage and staging areas.
  • Crates must be stored in clean, dry, pest-free storage during the exhibition.
  • Fire detection and protection systems are required.
  • Proof of insurance coverage covering the value of the exhibition while on site and during transit to and from the borrower.
  • Approval of loan is subject to review of borrowing institution's Standard Facility Report.
  • Shipping to be booked through approved fine arts carrier. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the borrower.

Cost of extended exhibition period, beyond 10 weeks, will be pro-rated.

For more information contact Katherine at 269/585-9290 or