KIA Launches Touch Art Tours for Visually Impaired

Halloween-Themed Preview: October 29: 2-4 p.m.

Posted: October 11, 2011
Source: Farrell Howe
Phone: (269) 349-7775 ext. 3112

Touch Art Hands

The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts has launched an art tour program for the visually impaired. Wearing gloves, visitors are able to touch carefully selected sculptures in the KIA permanent and study collections. Docents assist guests and provide verbal descriptions of each work of art.

The Touch Art program encourages critical thinking and language skills in a cooperative learning environment. Through this program, guests will develop their exploration skills, texture sensitivity and manual dexterity, while increasing their socialization skills and self esteem.

Touch Art Tours are by reservation only for small groups (maximum 4 people). Most tours are one hour in length. To request a tour, please call (269) 359-7775 ext. 3162 or email for more information.

The KIA is currently accepting tour requests. For those who would like a preview of what a Touch Art tour is like, there will be a special Touch Art Tour on Saturday, October 29, 2-4 p.m. Paul Ponchillia, a stone carver and professor emeritus of WMU's Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies, will be showing some of his own works as well as demonstrating and talking about his technique. Guests are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes and enjoy special Halloween-themed activities. Those who attend in costume will receive a special treat!

Admission to this event is free for people with visual impairments of all ages.

The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts is handicap accessible and we welcome visitors of all ages and abilities to our galleries. For information regarding this great program and others, visit our website frequently and subscribe to our RSS feed!