Sunday Funday at the KIA - Alexander Calder

May 15, 2-4 pm

Posted: May 6, 2011
Source: Farrell Howe
Phone: (269) 349-7775 ext. 3112

Alexander Calder's Circus

Join us for Sunday Funday on Sunday, May 15, 2 - 5 pm. Get to know Alexander Calder, the first artist to make art that moves! View video footage of Calder's amazing wire circus, enjoy readings of Tanya Lee Stone's book, Sandy's Circus and create your own Calder-like masterpiece!

Alexander Calder, (July 22, 1898 - November 11, 1976), was an American sculptor and artist most famous for inventing the mobile. In addition to mobile and stable sculpture, Alexander Calder also created paintings, lithographs, toys, tapestry, jewelry and household objects.

Free, no registration required. There will also be a free public tour at 2 pm.

For more information call (269) 349-7775.