November Art Hop

Dates: Fri Nov 3, 17

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Where else would you go for downtown Kalamazoo's first Friday arts extravaganza? The KIA is the ONLY place to be for the MOST art, in a spacious and relaxing environment.

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Tonight, we'll offer art-making, a scavenger hunt, DJ music, and snacks, PLUS the first look at our new exhibition: Round & Round: The Circle at Center Stage

Works from the KIA collection present the circle in myriad manifestations, as artists from diverse cultures recognize the circle's power as a line without beginning or end, symbolizing eternity and so much more. From hard-edged Op Art prints to photographs of natural objects, the circular form holds an attraction that cannot be denied, and serves as inspiration for immense artistic versatility. Works on view demonstrate the dramatic range and ubiquitous flexibility of the circular form.

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