ARTbreak : Mary Cassatt, A Brush with Independance

Tue Dec 11, 12
Tue Dec 18, 12

Time: 12:00pm

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Auditorium
314 South Park Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

(269) 349-7775

Mary Cassatt The BathUnmarried and childless, Mary Cassatt nevertheless became America's first impressionist painter with her everyday depictions of mothers and children. This documentary takes viewers to Paris and its countryside where the expatriate mixed with the likes of Edgar Degas, became the only American invited to join the French impressionists, and contributed to the burgeoning women's suffrage movement. Drawing upon excerpts of letters and diaries from her family, fellow painters, and friends--as well as her own words--this authoritative film explores her influences, as varied as her spirited mother to the masters hanging in the Louvre. Narrator Anne Archer also details Cassatt's significant role in the changing of the art world and challenges like the depressions after the deaths of family members, which kept her from painting for years at a time. Throughout, viewers are treated to footage of her paintings, and those of her friends and influences.--Kimberly Heinrichs

ARTbreak is a weekly program about art, artists and exhibitions. Donations welcome. Bring your brown bag lunch, coffee provided.

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