ARTbreak Jim Dine: Self-Portrait on the Walls

Dates: Tue Dec 4, 12

Time: 12:00pm

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Auditorium
314 South Park Street
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

(269) 349-7775

Jim Dine Drawing on the the gallery wallThis remarkable documentary records eight days of intense work and quiet rumination as internationally renowned artist Jim Dine produces an exhibition of huge, bold charcoal drawings directly on the walls of the Ludwigsburg Kunstverein near Stuttgart, Germany. It is an unusual and transitory exhibition in that the drawings remain on the walls for only six weeks before being painted over.

The film captures the artist's techniques, thought processes, and artistic philosophy as he works. In his commentary, Dine reflects on the special nature of such a transitory group of drawings.

"Engrossing... wearing a mask to filter out the charcoal dust, Dine attacks the walls with brooms, mops, a screwdriver, aerosol spray, hunks of bread -- even Pepsi, straight from the can. For him, it's exhausting; for the audience, exhilarating." -- Stuart Klawans, New York Daily News

ARTbreak is a weekly program about art, artists and exhibitions. Donations welcome. Bring your brown bag lunch, coffee provided.

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