ARTbreak: Ruth Duckworth: A Life in Clay

Dates: Tue Sep 27, 11

Time: 12:00pm

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

(269) 349-7775

Ruth Duckworth Large VesselIn this intimate documentary, filmmaker Karen Carter focuses her perceptive eye on then 83-year-old Ruth Duckworth, one of America's leading ceramicists. A study in contrasts, Duckworth's ostensibly simplistic philosophy, "Work comes from play" belies the complexity of her vision, from her ceramic sculpture to her extraordinary mural work.

Ruth Duckworth, Large Vessel, 1977, stoneware | Director's Fund Purchase, with support from the Student Sale Fund, and Donations, 1977/8.115

Sponsored by: The Fountains at Bronson Place

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