Exhibition Opening--Natural Forms: Contemporary Art by Japanese Women

Dates: Sat Oct 26, 19

Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm

2019 jc 2 up rotator 2x1

This exhibition pairs KIA collection works in ceramics and on paper with ceramics from the prestigious Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz Collection and other private lenders, this exhibition examines the rich history of Japanese ceramic making, while demonstrating technical and aesthetic innovations made by artists including Fukumoto Fuku, Ono Hakuko, Toko Shinoda, Suhama Tomoko, and Tokuda Yasokich IV, among others. The selected works explore the influences of nature, innovations in traditional ceramic making, and humankind's ability - or inability - to impact our environments. The exhibition will reveal the diverse array of practices these women artists are continuing; the barriers they are breaking in their use of the medium; and even how they are expanding upon traditional techniques and subject matter to forge new ways of creating and thinking about ceramics. Special thanks to the Jeffrey Horvitz Collection, Dai Ichi Arts, and Duane Reed Gallery for their assistance.

Aya Mori, Chakra 1, 2018, ceramic. Courtesy of Duane Reed Gallery

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