Public Tour: Dawoud Bey: Harlem, USA and Harlem Redux

Dates: Sun Apr 8, 18

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

KIA Galleries

Last day to join us for a docent-led tour of the Dawoud Bey: Harlem Redux exhibition. It marks Bey's return to the community 35 years later, and and the series is a departure from the portraiture for which he is known. Bey's large-format color photos reflect the transition of Harlem's character as the celebrated community becomes more gentrified and its complex history adds yet another layer.
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Dawoud Bey, Woman at a Parade, 1977, silver gelatin print,
Copyright Dawoud Bey. Courtesy of the artist.

2018 bey a woman at-a-parade 72

Included with museum admission.

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