ARTbreak: Talk: Were You a Hippie?

Dates: Tue Jan 30, 18

Time: 12:00pm

KIA Auditorium

Even if you weren't part of the counter-culture, if you grew up in the 1960s or '70s, you remember the ubiquitous VW Microbus. Perhaps, like today's presenters and KIA docents Pat Norris and Dave Curl, you even owned one (or two!). Though these high-maintenance vintage vehicles don't come close to meeting automotive safety standards, they are cherished by artists as a rolling canvas, by off-the-grid enthusiasts as a house-on-wheels, and by nostalgic collectors.

p10 artbreak jan 30 vw bus

ARTbreak is a weekly program about art and art-related topics. Donations welcome. Bring your lunch, coffee provided.

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