Sunday Tour: Circular Abstractions, Bull's Eye Quilts

Dates: Sun Oct 8, 17

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

KIA Galleries

Revel in the colors of 26 quilts by an array of artists who improvise around the Bull's Eye pattern--a four quadrant design with a bull's eye at the center of each quarter. Color and design become the focus of a dazzling array of quilts inspired by the innovations of legendary fine art quilt-maker Nancy Crow. Join our docent-led tour included with museum admission.

Left: Pamela Loewen, Junglescape. 100% cottons, hand-dyed by artist, machine pieced and quilted by artist.
Right: Roxanna Kantarjian, Carnival, 100% commercial cottons, machine pieced and hand appliqued by artist, machine quilted.

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