Thursday Evening at the KIA: New Art from Traditional Influences

Dates: Thu Jun 29, 17

Time: 6:30pm

KIA Auditorium

Michigan artist Jason Wesaw will discuss how his work converges contemporary art with traditional tribal stories and life ways. Jason creates in ceramics, photographs, textiles, cultural arts, and drawings, and as a product of two cultures "European and Potawatomi "the common thread running his work is a desire to relate his Potawatomi culture to the viewer. He sees object and image making as a means to bring these stories to a broader audience, while keeping them fresh and relevant.
Jason Wesaw, The Doorway, 2010, Clay, indigo Bunting feathers, Photo courtesy of the artist.

Jason Wesaw The Doorway 2010 Clay indigo Bunting feathers Photo courtesy of the artist

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