The Alchemy Initiative: A Suite of Monologues

Dates: Thu Apr 20, 17

Time: 6:30pm

KIA Auditorium

Elizabeth Kerlikowske

Writers speak in the voices of different people and sometimes themselves. A monologue is the most familiar form of self-expression, when we hold forth on the beauty of nature or the sorrows of life. Part party, part performance, the evening will entertain and intrigue.

Artists & writers includie Kathleen McGookey, Susan Ramsey, Gail Martin, Robert Ed Post, Arnie and Debby Johnston, Deborah Gang, Margaret DeRitter, Marion Boyer, Julie Stotz-Ghosh, Lynn Pattison, Hedy Habra and Elizabeth Kerlikowske.

The ALCHEMY book will be available for sale that night as well as other books by ALCHEMY authors. These books are all available at the Michigan News Agency and Bookbug in Kalamazoo.
All proceeds are put towards helping to pay for the project.

Jamie Rix will be present and signing for the deaf and hard of hearing. Incidental music by Joe Gross. Photography will be featured, and Black and white photos featured.

Alchemy project image 2

Included with museum admission.

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